If, by now, you haven’t come across the word Hygge – especially in the blogging world – I’d have to question where the heck you’ been for the past couple of months? Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), for those who have been living under a rock, is a Danish practice that focuses on creating a welcoming, cosy environment with warmth, great food and quality time with loved ones.

With our brains no doubt fried from the intense level of news we receive daily, social media notifications and the general strain and stress of everyday life, I was super interested to learn more about Hygge and how I could incorporate it into my day-to-da life. Plus, it’s the perfect time to start learning about the Danish way of living, just as the leaves turn brown and Autumn kicks in.

Although this philosophy covers various topics, including eating seasonal produce and making hearty, healthy meals that fill you up with goodness, wearing beautiful fabrics that feel soft to the touch and turning off the TV and phones/tablets/laptops on an evening, it’s also about upping the comfort levels of your home. Think chunky throws, cushions, candles and soft lighting.

One room where comfort is key is my bedroom. I’ve mentioned a few times that updating my bedroom has been on my to-do list forever, and after reading more about Hygge the last couple of weeks, I decided to make a start. The starting point being the mai focal point of the room, my bed.

I currently have the classic Ikea Leirvik white iron bed, which seems to be a popular blogger choice, but my mattress was like something from Alcatraz. Seriously. And that’s where luxury online mattress retailer Leesa entered.



I thought I better give you a little background on Leesa, before I tell you my honest opinion on the brand. With
innovation at the heart of the company, Leesa offers premium quality mattresses, available online for ease and delivered free directly to your door. But why would you ever order a mattress without checking the quality and bounce-ability first right? Because Leesa are confident enough in their product to give you 100 days to test the mattress in your own home – with your own pjs on – and if you’re not keen then they’ll collect it and donate it to charity, offering you a full refund. You can hardly go into a mattress shop in town and sleep the night can you? Exactly.

When I placed my order for a standard UK double, I was a little unsure whether I’d be able to get it home in my car as it would have to be delivered to work. And truth be told, when it arrived I actually thought there’d been a mix up and they’d sent a single instead. You see each mattress is delivered all wrapped up in a 110 x 40 x 40 cm box, which although was heavy, fit perfectly in the back of my car.

Now on the best part – the unwrapping.

Because there’s only me, Shirley and Audrey (the cats, not my elderly flatmates), I envisaged quite a job getting the mattress sorted, when it fact it couldn’t have been easier. Once out of the box, I lifted the mattress, which was rolled into a compact cylinder, onto the bed and cut the packaging off. That’s where the magic happened. Out sprung the mattress and started to swiftly expand and move into place on the bed.



Covered in the softest fabric, which is a jersey mix if I’m correct, I couldn’t help but jump on to test the comfort. With three layers of foam the mattress is designed to regulate airflow to cool the body down, to adjust to give the body maximum comfort and make sure you have the right amount of support. And my, my, my, it did that. I waited for a couple of hours for the mattress to properly expand and got tucked into bed for my first night’s sleep. I genuinely didn’t realise how bad my old mattress had been until I slept on my Leesa. I’ve been sleeping on it for just over a week now and I can’t tell you how hard it is to get out of bed on a morning to go to bootcamp. My shoulder pain that I’d been having for a while suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. That’s worth the investment alone.

With fresh white sheets on, cushions all around and a lime and mint candle burning on my bedside table, my bedroom is definitely a sanctuary to retreat to on the colder nights. And I couldn’t recommend Leesa enough, from the delivery to the product to the ethics behind the brand. I love that no mattress goes to waste, with the One-Ten programme donating one mattress to every ten sold – a recent event being held at The Mustard Tree in Manchester, where Leesa donated 62 mattresses to help people trying to reclaim their lives after trauma.


If you’re interested in giving Leesa a try for yourself, then head over to the website through this link for an amazing £50 off your purchase. Remember, you’ve got 100 days to change your mind, but I highly doubt you will. It will literally change the way you sleep.

I partnered with Leesa to create this post but of course, all thoughts and views are honest and my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help Apartment Number 4 to grow