I feel like at least one weekend out of four I spend my time making something new for my house. This weekend was no different when I popped into Paperchase and spotted these postcards for 75p each. I bought five which worked well together, with the intention to tape them to my pin board in my spare room come make shift office.

But after I made a trip to Ikea to price up a desk (stupidly on the weekend when students were heading back to uni), I spotted the perfect sized frames for 80p each. Which basically means I made these gorgeous mini pieces of wall art for the grand old price of £7.50. How can you argue with that?

I think my favourite design is the silver foil “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” postcard, just because I love the watercolour print in the background – if you scroll down you can take a better look at each one. This is such an easy little DIY, and I think it would be great for either your office and even a children’s bedroom where you can swap the postcards around every couple of months for some new inspiration.

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