Decorating My Open Plan Living Room: Moodboard

I’ve been excited to share this post with you, and see as my delicious new sofa gets delivered next week, I thought I better get a move on with creating a moodboard, buying things and actually painting the room.

As you’ll probably already know, I live in a rented apartment. The kitchen, dining and living room are all one open space, although the kitchen is slightly separated with different flooring so I’m not overly worried about blending the two.

The dining space, however, is currently just a table and chairs stuck in the corner of the room with no real design stamp on it.

The furniture in the room is great, and aside from getting some new dining room chairs (pink velvet) and my new sofa, everything else is staying. The one thing that has to leave my life are the dull magnolia walls. And bless my landlord, as he has finally agreed for me to paint them. Albiet paint them white, but white is still better than off-cream.

Today I wanted to share my moodboards for the room, including some of the pieces that I’ve ordered and that should be arriving any day now – H&M Home I’m looking at you.

The colour palette I’ve chosen is grey, dusty pink and terracotta, with brass accents. I always get so worried when I make a colour decision, does anyone else? But, at the end of the day, it’s only “stuff”. Stuff that could probably be sent back if I changed my mind when it arrived.

I wanted natural textures throughout, so managed to source some pampas grass from Abigail Ahern (not as fluffy as the stuff above sadly), and I’m going to try and make a jute rope circular table mat to place candles and vases on as a centrepiece.

I’ve also ordered a whopping 12 30×40 prints from Desenio to create a muted gallery wall in the living room, in shades of nude, pink, black and taupe. I can’t wait to see those framed and stuck to the wall with my trusty Command strips.

Finally, I’m looking forward to stripping back, getting rid of the junk I’ve accumulated over the last couple of months and making the space feel homely again. This room is the one space I’ve not really done much with since moving in five years ago, and it’s one of the only rooms I don’t share on my blog or social media.

I’m hoping the terracotta still works when spring arrives, but as it’s only accents I’m sure I can update it with another colour if it feels a little too autumnal.

What do you think to my living room makeover plans? The full reveal will be at the end of November when everything comes together – now I just need to summon the energy to get the paint brushes out.

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