A Brand New Apartment Number 4

So I suppose I should start this post with a huge HELLO! It’s been nearly a month of hard work, confusion and never-ending questions, but Apartment Number 4 is back with a brand new design and an even fancier platform to grow on. Having been one of the very last bloggers I know to still be on the Blogger.com platform, I’d been toying with the idea of moving over to a self-hosted WordPress website for well over a year now, but the thought of migrating my content over, reformating everything and potentially losing nearly 10 years of traffic made me stick my head in the sand and believe I could still grow as much as I wanted to without taking the next step.


I knew deep down that Blogger was stopping me from being able to control certain aspects of my blog, such as SEO and template design, and the lure of the many plugin’s that WordPress offered was too much to resist. So last month I reached out to the team at Pipdig and organised my whole blog, 1000+ posts, in fact, to be migrated over. I bought and customised this template design, I worked through 500 posts to reformat everything (although they’re not all done yet so bear with me), I learn what a plugin meant, what a widget was, that is was Yoast and not Toast, and pretty much started again in terms of skills and knowledge.

And you know what? I genuinely can’t believe I waited so long. I’m in love.

Along with a rebrand thanks to the amazing book by Fiona Humberstone, Brand Brilliance, which taught me to understand my reader, what she wants, the colours that work, the fonts that don’t etc, this is the most positive I’ve ever felt about Apartment Number 4 and where we’re heading. And what better time to relaunch myΒ brand new chapter than on the 1st day of a brand new month. Although my content will remain very much “how to create a Pinterest-worthy home on a budget”, you can expect a lot more Shopping Guides, Get-the-Look features and home tours, because after asking the question across all my social media platforms of what you guys would love to read, those three were certainly popular options.

At the top of the site you’ll find some of my favourite posts, from recent features to some discoveries from years ago. You’ll also find three new category sections underneath that so, for example, you’re able to head straight to Home Tours if you’re looking for a little real life inspiration.

Although there isn’t a 4 Magazine this month, purely because every second I had was dedicated to Apartment Number 4, it will be back in August, I promise. Girlfriend just didn’t have enough hours in the day.

Come in and take a look around – I’d really love to know what you think. Here’s to an exciting new chapter…

About the author
Victoria Jackson is the editor of multi-award winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. Designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget, Victoria edits the inspirational and showcases the affordable.


  1. Well done Vicky!! The blog looks amazing, all your hard work is paying off, good luck with everything.

  2. It looks amazing Victoria! I love the way you’ve designed it – it must have taken so much work. I moved to WordPress from Blogger quite some time ago and I’ve still got posts to re-format etc x


  3. Vic! You gorgeous individual! This site is a total extension of you. Is bloody brilliant!
    So clean and crisp! and totally user friendly. πŸ™‚
    I love WordPress and especially Yoast. (Dam you amber light, TURN GREEN!)..

    I wish you all the best with your new site.. I’m postitive you’ll be brilliantly together! πŸ™‚


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