My Miracle Morning Routine For Success

Today I'm sharing my miracle morning routine for success, combining journaling, reading, visualisation, exercise and more to get the day off to the best possible start in just one hour.

The Miracle Morning is an Audible book that was recommended to me by one of my friends. Written and narrated by Hal Elrod, the book explains how a series of six tasks can get your day off to the best possible start. It was one of those books, much like The Secret, #GirlBoss and She Means Business, which had me hooked from the get-go. I’ve definitely found an affinity for self-help books over this last twelve months, and am constantly looking for ways to increase my productivity and motivation.

I’ve spoken on social media about how I’ve been struggling recently but I think I’m coming out of the other side of this low patch now and I feel like The Miracle Morning has played a huge part in that.

Today I wanted to explain the six steps each Miracle Morning sequence includes, where I do it, what time I do and how I feel during and after. The first step, as Hal explains in the book is to set your alarm clock one hour earlier as this sequence is initially designed to last 60 minutes. I know that’s a ball ache for some, especially if you’re already getting up at the crack of dawn, so my advice would be to do a Miracle Evening, or even a Miracle Mid-Morning if you’re working around the kids. The point is, to spend some time to focus on your goals, get some breathing space and clear your head. And, if you can only spend five minutes on each thing, then dedicate 30 minutes to yourself instead.

I like to set my alarm for 6am because I’m always much more productive on a morning and I like to set myself up for the day ahead. Hal suggests brushing your teeth, splashing your face with water and downing a large glass of water before you start to really awaken the system. You’ve gone 8 hours without a drink so rehydrating is a must. After that, you’re ready to start

Meditation – 10 minutes

I’m still getting the hang of meditation if I’m completely honest. I struggle to keep my mind in one place as I’m usually running from thought to thought. Once I catch myself drifting I quickly try to pull it back, be present and mindful. I did sign up to Headspace but to be honest, you can find some pretty good videos on Youtube to follow without having to pay for the subscription. I listen to this 10-minute video on my bed with my earphones in. I’ll always sit up because believe me, if I lie down at 6am, I’ll be back off to sleep.

Visualisation – 10 minutes

Following the meditation, I’ll already in a relaxed mindset so I find it much easier to get into the vibe of guided visualisation. Again, I’ll listen to my earphones sat on the bed and visualise what success means to me. At the moment I’m working on growing my business so that’s what I’m putting out into the universe, but if you’re wanting to find love, or feel more body confident, for example, those ten minutes can be spent imagining what it feels like to have that dream of yours. The key to visualisation is to not only see it in your mind, but you have to really imagine what it would feel like. I imagine walking into a big white office, which in my head is a converted church with high ceilings, with a team of three other people working on Apartment Number 4, The 4 Edit newsletter and 4 Magazine. I imagine the feeling of opening the door, the feeling of smiling at the people I work with, the feeling of carrying flowers to add to the big central table where we all work from and checking the magazine layouts pinned to the wall as I walk. Go into as much detail as you can with your dream and just wait for the universe to send it over.

Affirmations – 5 minutes

Reciting affirmations might feel a little silly at first. It’s not something, dare I say it, us Brits are programmed to do. But I have some simple affirmations that I listen to and say to myself, which help me believe I am successful. If you’re wondering what kind of thing to write down, it can be something as easy as “I believe in me”, “I choose to be positive” or “I am becoming a better person every day”. Take some time to google affirmations or check Pinterest to create a list to read to yourself every day. There’s loads of inspiration out there, it’s just finding what’s right for you.

Journaling – 10 minutes

This is probably my favourite part of the hour where I take my notebook and write whatever comes to mind. Most of the time it’s my to-do list for the day, but having that space to get everything out of my head and onto paper really helps my productivity and motivation. The book says to literally write the words that come to mind, and when you take some time to look back at what you’ve written, patterns or worries might be visible to see which you wouldn’t have said out loud normally.

Reading – 10 minutes

These ten minutes are there for reading, or listening in my case, to something designed to help you as a person. Whether that be a self-help book, or a guide on how to code, a fitness magazine or a novel that just makes you feel positive, use those ten minutes wisely to better yourself. I’m currently listening to a book by Mike Lewis called When To Jump, and although I’m only on chapter 4, I can already tell I’m going to love it.

Exercise – 15 minutes

The final exercise is…well, exercise. I like to spend 15 minutes doing a quick Yoga With Adrien workout to get my day off to the best possible start. You could do a quick HITT video or just stretch those muscles out. The point is to just get the body moving and get the heart pumping. And because it’s the last section, you can then jump straight into the shower and start getting ready for the day once your hour (or 30 minutes) is up.

So there you have it. That’s my miracle morning routine for success. I’ve even started doing it on a weekend, because trust me, once you get started, you’ll even want to try and fit another hour in the day somewhere. I have such a relaxed, positive state of mind once I finish and notice a definite shift in my motivation. Give it a try tomorrow and see how you feel.

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Today I'm sharing my miracle morning routine for success, combining journaling, reading, visualisation, exercise and more to get the day off to the best possible start in just one hour.

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  1. 2.5.18
    Jenny said:

    This sounds like an amazing start to the day Victoria. I try to meditate for 10 minutes most mornings and I find it helps me to start off the day feeling so much more relaxed. I’ve heard others say that they love to journal in the mornings too, so it may be something I need to think about doing x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • 2.12.18

      Honestly lovely, it’s been the best decision to make more time to do this on a morning. I can’t say I’m super rigid with it but I definitely miss it if I don’t have time to do it! xx

  2. 2.12.18

    This sounds like great advice. I’ve never been able to get the hang of meditation or affirmations but I’d love to try implementing this routine. Thanks for writing!

    • 2.12.18

      Honest, it’s one of the best things I’ve done lovely. Just sets you up with a better mindset for the day, especially if you have a lot going on xx

  3. 6.18.18
    Tina said:

    Since you mentioned this, it has changed the way I do mornings! I had planned to have a morning routine with a few different things to get me motivated, but didn’t realise this was what I’d been reading about. I skipped it last week and really felt worse off because of it, so I plan to get back into the routine as it genuinely changes my day.
    So excited to tell you about my visualisation and how well it’s working out! Also, please can I work for you in your church office?! It sounds perfect! xx

    • 6.18.18

      Yes yes yes!! We need to meet up and talk visualisation doll!!! <3 I'm excited to hear all about your plans! xx