The one room which leaves me puzzled in terms of how to decorate when renting is the bathroom. I know most people will think, why worry, but I live in an apartment where every room has my stamp on it. The bathroom just leaves me feeling a little…well, blah. The walls are white, the tiles are white (ish), the floor’s white, white, white, white.

Once I buy my own joint and have free reign over how I can decorate, I’d love to go for something in a simple monochrome colour palette. And although this could potentially look slightly clinical, I think the use of greenery and marble make it look super stylish. I’m in love with marble surfaces at the moment, as well as intense dark walls, so this kind of interior would suit me down to the ground.

My friend recently sent me a picture of her bathroom which had white subway tiles and black grouting and my god, I didn’t think a bathroom could cause such envy. Subway tiles were something I’d considered for my kitchen, but with a monochrome bathroom, I think a dark grouting with these would look amazing.

What do you think to a monochrome colour palette in the bathroom? Simply perfect, or far too simple?

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