Usually I have my Monday Goals post all written up, ready and waiting for the morning to come so I can post first thing. But this week I was too busy chasing my tail as I caught up with chores, work, helping friends move etc. I’m heading down to London tonight for an early morning event tomorrow, so with a couple of hours before I go catch my train I thought I’d quickly write down what I want to start this week.

Quick round-up first. The gym is still going well as I went three times last week. I’ve lost another 1lb. I also made a fab new print if I do say so myself, which kind of matches my Monday Goals series – hence me showing you above. This”To-Do List” print is for a sale in my Etsy shop so if you want a little inspo for your office desk or bedside table, head over now and pick it up framed for £15.

I also made a start on sorting my makeup out, although I still haven’t managed to get to Primark yet to buy a new make-up bag. Seen as I’m in London tomorrow I might nip to Tottenham Court Road and pick one up, and maybe some containers from Muji. I did however, sort through all my nail polishes and throw away the gloopy crappy ones. And finally, I captured more photographs this week, mainly at my best friends wedding on Friday where I got some really beautiful, yet really natural shots of her and her little family.

So here’s on to a fresh new week…

Save/Make £1000 Before the Year Ends

Ok, so this is an ongoing task starting from this week, but my aim is to save or/and make £1000 before Christmas to put in my Buy House ISA. The first thing I need to do is see where I can make cuts so I called up my Internet provider this morning, brought that down by £5 a month, next will be my phone bill which I want to bring down by £10 a month and following that I just need to sit down and see what else I can save on. I also want to see how I can make more money without taking a second job (it would actually be a fourth job if you count my blog, print business and full time job), so I plan on maximising sales of my prints in the run-up to Christmas, approach brands about working together on Apartment Number 4 and potentially look into some freelance work. I like having a number to aim for and with a decent amount already left from this month, I think it’s something I can achieve despite all the present buying I’m going to be doing.

Invest in my Skin

Payday arrives on Friday and although I have a very strict budget – see above – I do want to invest in one great piece of skincare. I’ve had the same routine for absolutely years now – wash with Simple cleaners, splash with cold water and slap on some Simple Rich Moisturiser. That’s it. I scrub once a week, as I do with my face mask. But as time passes, and my skin changes, I think it might be time to try something a little more indulgent. Kate La Vie has always been a huge advocate of REN Skincare and I’m really interested to try the 1 Minute Facial as it has fab reviews. So that’s getting ordered on Friday once I find where the cheapest place is to buy it.

Get Personal

The blog posts which have always done really well here on Apartment Number 4 are my longer, more personal posts which I usually sit and write on an evening. This post on my homesickness in London was one of my most popular posts, as was the Letter to my Teenage Self I wrote. I haven’t sat down and just wrote something personal to me for quite a while but they always get such a great response on social media and in the comments section I think this week I’ll take the time to sit and write something other than interiors or fashion. I have some ideas that I’ve been storing for a little while now and with a 2 and 1/2 hour train journey in front of me, it might just be time to put fingers to keyboard. Expect this post Sunday night.

Have a great week, and as always let me know what plans and goals you have for this week.

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