Another Monday, another set of goals to work towards for the new week. It feels like I’ve done a good job with the goals I set out this time last Monday – I’ve eaten home cooked food every night apart from Friday when I ate out, and haven’t microwaved a single thing. I’ve also stuck to my budget for both food and petrol, meaning I’m actually on track to have some money left over at the end of the month, I’ve been getting myself organised in terms of social media posting AND I’ve even found myself a fab media pack template on Etsy, which I just need to download and fill in the blank spaces. 

Anyway, enough of the chitchat, let’s get on with this weeks.

Considering Contiki

Going away by myself was something that I’ve talked about for ages and never got around to actually doing. I watched a video by Youtuber and blogger Lily Melrose the other day about her trip with Contiki and started to read up on it briefly. You can travel with a group of other solo travellers around North America for two weeks exploring city after city, from New York to LA and it just seems so out of my comfort zone, that’s almost why I want to book a ticket and go next year. America is somewhere I’d love to explore more of. I’ll be honest, going backpacking with total strangers isn’t something you’d have caught me wanting to do a year ago. But now? Now, it’s definitely something I want to read more into. So this week’s goal is to read properly into the Contiki tours and decide whether it’s something I could do.

Three Pounds Less

Having just got back from a girl’s weekend at the Great British Seaside (think fish & chips, chocolate and plenty of alcohol), the scales are reaching a number I’d love them not to be, so this weeks goal will be to eat a little more fruit and veg, continue with my home cooked meals and stop bloody snacking so often through the day to rid of the unwanted flabber I gained this weekend. At the moment as I’m writing this (on Sunday evening), I have all the willpower and motivation in the world ready for tomorrow morning to get up and go to the gym before work, but let’s see what actually happens when the alarm clock goes off and I can’t move – I’m updating this from bed at 7.15am and I failed at the my gym mission. Again. Wbat is wrong with me?!

Finish the last chapter

I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m reading now before bed to help me get off to sleep (which is really working), but I really want to finish the book I’m on at the moment so I can reread my I Heart New York book by Lindsey Kelk. I’ve read this book four times and it resonates with me so much. Not because I’ve walked out on my relationship and moved to New York (although I sometimes wish I’d done the latter), but just because Kelk is an amazing writer and makes you feel like the lead character is going through the same shit you are. I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads with life at the moment – it seems like I’m one of the last to get on the grown-up train, and I Heart New York kind of has the same vibe.

I’m only going to put three goals together this week as I don’t really feel like I need to work on anything else right now. I want to design another print but that’s ongoing, I want to carry on saying no to microwavable food and continue sticking to my budget. By the time the month comes to an end, I’m hoping some of these goals will have become habits. Well that’s the aim.

As always I’d love to know what your goals are for the week?

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  1. Sounds like you did great on last week's goals! I think this is a really good idea for a weekly feature 🙂 I'm also on the healthy eating and fitness regime, but when it gets to the weekend that's my weakness!

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