Maximising Your Loft Space To Create A Sanctuary At Home

Image credit: Three Birds Renovations

Do you have loft space that you dream about one day converting into your own little hideaway, away from the world? Whether that be an office, a guest bedroom, a master bedroom, a mancave or somewhere for the kids to play, in today’s post – in partnership with Simply Loft – I wanted to share some stylish ideas, tips and tricks about maximising the space you have at the very top of your home.

When it comes to renovating smaller spaces, planning is essential, so before you sit down with your builder, have a clear understanding of how the room is going to be used. For example, if it is a master bedroom, there may be need for an en suite bathroom, or if it’s an office, planning in ample storage is a must.

So alongside creating your Pinterest board of dream decorating ideas, here are six layout ideas to consider during the planning stages of the build.

If you’re creating a master bedroom, look to place the bed under the sloping roof of the loft to maximise floor space at walking height. The only thing to consider, however, is how quickly you jump out of bed on a morning if there’s potential for a bump or two on the head.

For those properties with chimneys, consider adding built-in shelving in the recess of the loft, which cannot only provide much-needed storage, but also utilise dead space. This could actually be the start of an amazing feature wall if you were to style with plants, books and decorative items in an office space, for example. Just imagine that exposed brickwork in an industrial-inspired home office for a second?

Image credit: Simply Loft

A great idea for maximising storage space is to build cupboards and wardrobes under the sloping roof. The beauty of this is that you plan exactly how you want to use the storage – for example, a recent video from fashion and beauty blogger, Victoria Magrath of In The Frow, shows her built in closet with cupboards specifically for knee high boots, pull out drawers for shoes and taller wardrobes for longer dresses. She knew exactly what she was looking to store away, and designed her custom, bespoke closet around those needs.

Image credit: Simply Loft

In terms of adding an en suite to the loft space, it might be worth considering – dependant on plumbing – placing the bath so it sits under the eaves, creating more space for other sanitary ware.

As you can see from the example above, it works incredibly well with a standalone bath, and by tucking this away in the otherwise unused space, it provides room for a heated towel rail. Recessed lights, meanwhile, are added to the sloping ceiling to stop the space from feeling too dark and closed off once the natural light has disappeared.

If you’re making the loft area into a bedroom for children, why not consider building beds into the eaves, like the team at Three Birds Renovations have above? Although they had a fairly large space to play with in terms of design, you could definitely create a similar feeling even if you just have one bed inset.

Finally, if you’re looking for added space – perhaps somewhere to have coffee on a morning – why not consider building outwards from your loft conversion and adding in a balcony? With French doors leading out, this not only adds more natural light, but also adds meterage to the floor plan if you ever want to sell the property.

So, there you have it, six very different ways to utilise the space you have hidden away in your loft to maximum effect. I love the idea of creating a hideaway for the kids to disappear to with their friends, especially if it looked anything like the bedroom above. Have you considered a loft conversion before, and if so, what function would you use the space for?

*This post is sponsored by Simply Loft, one of London’s leading loft conversion specialists, focusing on making every loft conversion project as simple and stress free as possible. If you are looking to transform your own unused loft into a beautiful bedroom or living space then call the team on 0800 917 7571 or visit the website here.

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