I thought I’d do a little round-up post today before I get back into the swing of blogging properly again, just to explain what’s been happening in life lately. The main thing which has absolutely changed my life is the birth of my niece Matilda Kate, who is the most amazing thing in the world.

Of course I’m biased, but this little girl is just gorgeous. Smitten doesn’t even cover it. I never felt maternal up until now – I mean I love my friends’ kids and they weirdly seem to like me too (I think it’s like cats when they pick up someone doesn’t have strong feelings towards them, they become the sweetest things ever to try make you change your mind), but since MK came along, that’s completely changed. I’m definitely not saying I want babies any time soon – people, I have enough on looking after Shirley and Audrey, but those feelings of seeing myself with children sometime in the future have definitely surfaced.

The second most important thing to have happened over the last month was one of my oldest friends asking me to be Godmother to her baby girl. I was, and am, so happy. I just didn’t imagine anyone would want me as their child’s Godmother because I’m so far from maternal. But we’ve been friends since we were 14 so we know each other through and through and I guess she sees something in me that maybe I don’t.

Although it’s certainly been a month filled with babies, I’ve managed to squeeze in five photo shoots which I styled – two menswear, two womenswear and one unisex. Styling is something I really enjoy doing, and I’m going to put a portfolio section on the blog so I can show you guys some of my work outside Apartment Number 4.

Work has been hectic, heading down to London from one of my favourite menswear trade shows, Jacket Required, and writing two of the biggest issues of the year, but I’m so happy with the results (see my front cover below which I styled) it was worth all the late nights and dodgy heart beat.

Speaking of which, if you remember I wrote a blog post about making some changes to my life to try have more of a work/life balance and although I haven’t stuck to the 8pm cut off point for social media stalking (which was totally unreasonable), I have turned off my phone once I get into bed and I’ve been reading a book. I can’t tell you much better I’ve been sleeping. I’m going to write a blog post one day soon on my bedtime routine now and how it might be able to help you if you struggle to sleep too.

House wise I’ve tried to stop buying things now as I really need to start saving for a car and mortgage, but I couldn’t not by this amazing Moroccan inspired pouf, which Shirley and Audrey love. I’ve mentioned it before in my blog post featuring the gorgeous coffee table book from Cupcakes and Cashmere but I wanted to show it off again.

I’ve finally managed to start seeing my friends more and make plans now work has quietened down, which included a night out last Friday with my girls – hence the made-up selfie below, and spending the afternoon last Saturday in the sunshine at my new favourite place, Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds. If you’re a Leeds local or find yourself in the city, make sure you check this place out. There’s three floors with a roof top, deck chairs, a great atmosphere and we ate the most delicious steak from a place called Ox Club, which is about to open a restaurant in Leeds. When I find out when and where, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Yes definitely agree with reading a book before bed, such a good way to switch off. The baby thing is really interesting as I'm also really non maternal but I've been told just wait until your sister has one as having a baby that is related to you will totally change your mind! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

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