It’s creeping towards the end of the year, and it’ll soon be time for a fresh start, with new seasons, new styles and exciting trends to take into account in your home décor and design.

As you know, I love reading about different interior developments, so it’s great to be able to share with you some cool new kitchen design trends for 2017. Try them all at once if you’re going for a full kitchen makeover, or give one or two a try and quickly update your kitchen to some of the hottest looks of the new year.

Add greenery

A quick and simple addition to your fitted kitchen, live plants in an assortment of pots will bring your kitchen right up-to-date. If you grow herbs, you can also enhance your cooking – win-win.

Colour poppin’ across everything

You’ll all be familiar with the colour pop concept – keeping your backdrop neutral or white, and picking a single colour to splash through the room. The colour pop is going to be super present in kitchen design in 2017 – but instead of a wall, designers will be colour popping cupboard handles, bar stools, and other more random items.

Add industrial decoration

Like 2016, industrial style decoration in the home is going to be back for 2017. To do this yourself, update cupboard door handles to distressed copper ones, buy vintage step ladders to use as shelving, or mix and match metallic table chairs.

Subtle storage

Another one for the pros, but if you’re getting kitchen fittings reworked, it’s all about the storage. The modern and sleek designs for 2017 give you all the space you want, without compromising on floor or ground space.

Hidden appliances

Okay, so you’ll need the help of a qualified kitchen design or fitter, but choosing hidden appliances is the right decision for 2017. You can get all appliances, including microwaves, hot plates and even steamers built into your benches and cabinets, which allow easy access whilst keeping your benches clutter free.

Embrace the curves

In 2017, the straight-edged bench will be no more. In its place, look for curved edges to benches, breakfast bars and islands. This is one touch that you could add – without any updates – that will immediately bring your kitchen design ahead of the curve.

*Post in partnership with DM Design UK | Image Credit: Devol Kitchens

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