As a renter, all I think about is when I can finally save up enough money for a deposit to buy my own place. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love where I live now and feel more settled than I have in any other place I’ve lived, but it’s not the same as knowing when you walk through that front door, it’s a front door you own. All you renters out there, I know you feel my pain right now.

With renting you can’t really make any changes, apart from the odd lick of paint or change of cushion. Changing anything like the bathroom or the kitchen is out of the question, so if you’re like me you’ll store all your inspiration away on Pinterest until the day comes when you win the lottery or discover a cheap quick house sale down the street and you can finally turn your home dreams into a reality.

For me, it’s the kitchen I’d love to make the most changes to in my home. I’ve really started to enjoy cooking more and although my kitchen space is fine, it doesn’t have much character – think new build magnolia and you’ll get an idea of the blandness. If I was to buy my own place, in, say, 10 years time when I’ve been able to save up the money for a deposit, my kitchen would be the heart of the house and I’d want a huge open space so myself and my friends/family could sit and chat whilst I cooked (or unpacked the takeaway boxes).

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my latest kitchen inspo, even if it’s a long way off become any sort of reality. As you can see I like light, open spaces, white subway tiles, open shelves so you can see all your crockery, natural wood, a huge Smeg fridge and splashes of colour from flowers and accessories. 


How would you describe your ideal kitchen space? Spacious? Traditional? Super modern? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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