You might have noticed I didn’t post my Monday Goals yesterday? Well, if you did then let me explain. In all honesty I was struggling to think of things that I needed to work towards this week without repeating myself. So instead, I’ve decided to write myself monthly goals of the things I want to achieve through the month ahead. It gives me more of a time frame of when I need to try and complete them buy. Don’t get me wrong, the goals I have set over the past 5 weeks have really helped me get some niggling little jobs sorted, which in turn has really helped clear my mind – and clear my house – if you’ve read Goals #1 and #4 you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, now we’re up to speed with that, let’s get straight into today’s post. Kids interior inspo…

Since my niece Matilda came along, I haven’t been able to stop looking at children’s bedroom inspiration on Pinterest. I think decorating a kid’s bedroom or playroom is perhaps the funnest room in the house to do. There are so many amazing brands out there for you to chose from, and the possibilities of what you could actually create are endless.

One of my favourite reads, Red Magazine (which I got as part of my blogger partnership with, was obviously on the same page as me, as this month they had a great feature on how to shape your home around having children. One tip which I loved was this:

“It isn’t a necessity for children to have a dedicated creative or homework zone, but even just allowing them some wall space to express themselves with a mood board will help form an ever-changing narrative. Think of it as a giant scrapbook, allowing you to see what your child loves right now.”

With this inspiration in mind, today I wanted to bring together some of the amazing kid’s rooms I’ve found on my hunt recently – all we need now is for Matilda to grow up a little bit more and I can turn my spare room into a little room for her to come and stay.

I love the simplicity of these Scandi-inspired rooms. Black, white and grey is the perfect colour combination if you are waiting to find out the gender of your baby. I think white just look so fresh and airy – a great choice if you’re using one of the smallest rooms in the house because let’s face it, not many of us have the expanse of the picture above.

Creating a statement wall is the perfect way to add a fun element in the room. I especially love the pink tear drop design in the picture right above – how cute in this pink metal bed frame? I think I want that! You can buy wall decals pretty easily which are super easy to put up, and painting something like the mountain landscape style design above just need a little masking tape, contrasting paints and a steady hand around the edges.

Art work and soft lighting don’t have to be expensive. Etsy has so many cheap pieces of printable artwork which you could frame. I love these star and moon prints above, but if you want something that looks stylish, as well as fitting for a kid’s room, black and white prints are perfect. Plus, babies eyes can focus much better on black and white when they are in their early months, so get something they can look at if they’re in their cot after taking a little nap.

I also love to use of soft lighting in these rooms. Instead of a big glaring light in the centre of the room – remember, exactly where your baby is looking when laid down – get some side lamps with bulbs to give a soft glow instead of a harsh blue light. For a really great range of lamps, check out Lampcommerce, who offer really great prices on brands I suspect you might not even have heard of. I love the modern simplicity of the Artemide range.

Finally, texture is key, so lay down a beautiful rug – with none-slip stickers underneath – add a cashmere throw and some cushions if there’s space. Obviously we don’t want to smother the little blob, but if you have a chair in your nursery and children’s room, then a contrasting cushion can just add that finishing touch.

I hope you feel inspired by today’s post, where you have children or not. Are there any looks that catch your interiors eye? As always I love to read your comments below. Have a great Tuesday guys and I’ll be back tomorrow with a little fashion post.

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