Setting Life Goals For The Month of July

Happy July guys! Even though the heat is making me the least productive person ever between the hours of 1pm and 5pm, it feels amazing to have a British summer like I remember as a kid – how old did that make me sound. In all seriousness, everyone just seems that little bit happier in the sun, myself included and I think the only thing that could make the country even more united (nothing like the weather to make strangers chat), is if England brings that World Cup home. I’m not a huge football fan but even I’ve found myself sucked into the next game on Tuesday.

Anyway, with a new sun-filled month comes the chance to wipe the slate clean and set some new goals for the 31 days ahead. Here’s what I’m looking to work on during July.


For the last week, bar Wednesday, I’ve been getting up at 6.30am every day without fail and going to the gym. I haven’t even allowed myself to make up an excuse and I can’t tell you how much more motivated I was for the day ahead once I’d worked out in the morning. If you know me, you know I have a love-hate relationship with going to the gym – mostly hate – but I knew if I didn’t start doing something I’d slowly but surely turn into a couch potato. The thing that’s seemingly working for me is not setting myself a time target – if I go there and do 30 minutes cardio and think I’ve had enough, that’s absolutely fine. If I go and manage to crank out an hour including strength training, then amazing. But I’m not putting any pressure on myself, as long as I get up and get moving.

Have more work dates

One thing I want to increase this month is to make an effort and catch up with some local girls who also work from home. I’ve got a lunch date with Jess from The Travelista this Friday, and I always like to catch up with Remie and bump over banana cake in our local village. Working alone can be super boring at times, so I want to make an effort to have at least one work date a week where we can bounce ideas around, chat problems and have some human company. There’s only so many times I can ask Audrey and Shirley the cats about the future of Apartment Number 4 before they tell me to piss off.

Plan some time off

Work is amazing right now, and I feel really lucky don’t get me wrong, but I also feel like I’m reaching burnout point. I’ve worked pretty much 6-7 days a week now since March, because to be honest, I’m struggling to switch off in case the work dries up. I’m blogging, I’ve got interior design clients and I’m also putting my monthly magazine together, so things are a little manic to say the least. This month I want to plan in a full week off to just reset, maybe take a road trip or two, see my best friends and their babies and step away from online for seven days.

Discover more local gems

On Friday I took myself off to Ilkley Lido, an outdoor pool in Yorkshire near to where I live. It was so nice to have somewhere like that less than 30 minutes away from home to sit, relax and get a tan. It reminded me of how many gorgeous places there are on my doorstep so it’s my goal to visit two new places this month – I’m thinking the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Fountains Abbey. Have you been to either of these?

Pin, Pin, Pin

When you’re running a business or a blog, it’s hard to know which social media platform to concentrate on the most isn’t it? Is it Instagram to build your brand? Is it Facebook to try and reach a bigger audience through advertising? Is it the conversations you’ll have on Twitter that you need to catch. For me, I can see that the biggest driver of traffic to this website is Pinterest, but I know I could do so much more to up my game on there. I’ve decided that although I love the ‘Gram, I need to stop worrying so much about Likes and whether a post “does well” and start posting images because they make my grid look beautiful overall and so I can see I’m proud of said images (read this fab post on falling back in love with Instagram by Hayley if you’re struggling like I was). If Instagram decides not to show these in the feed, then so be it. I’ll be over on Pinterest directing traffic to my blog, the only platform I can control and own myself. I’ll be creating some new inspiring boards so make sure you follow me over there for loads of home inspiration with a large dollop of positivity and motivation. Which is your favourite social media platform right now?

What are your goals for the month ahead? Is there anything you’d love to work towards during July?

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  1. 7.1.18
    Kim said:

    Inspiring post. My major plan for July is to get a proper grip on my finances – last month was an expensive one because of an £800 car bill, so I’m on catch up. Plus I’d really like to get a good amount of blog posts scheduled and planned!

    • 7.8.18

      Unexpected bills like that can completely knock you can’t they, I know that feeling! Hope you’ve managed to get back on an even track this month lovely xx

  2. 7.2.18

    I think more banana cake dates should be on my goal list for July! Loved this post (and out little catch up). xxx

    • 7.8.18

      Me too gorgeous! Looking forward to the next one! (We’ll sort it next week!) xx

  3. 7.4.18
    Sarah said:

    I have definitely found myself being super invested into football as well, and I’m not even English! I’m Dutch and since we didn’t even get in I am now rooting for England all the way!