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Never in a million years did I expect my 5 Principles of Manifestation for Beginners post to blow up as much as it did. From Thursday, I’ve had over 3000 plus views on that post alone (I used to get that many a month back in the day, never mind on one blog post), and my inbox and timeless have been filled with messages from people excitedly telling me their manifestation story.

When I wrote that post, I wanted to help one or two people open their minds to the possibilities of the universe, and although I didn’t expect the insane reaction I got, I am so, so happy that we can talk freely about spirituality, having faith in a higher being and attracting the most amazing things into our lives.

Which is why I wanted to create a safe space for myself and my fellow woo-heads to come together and share our manifesting experiences, our experiments with the universe, our vision boards, our plans for the future, with an open-minded community of other powerful minds.

Whether you’re a complete spiritual newbie or you’re a dab hand at manifestation, I always think having a community of people following the same path as you gives you such a high vibe feeling – and let’s face it, raising our vibrations is something we all need to do now and again, myself included.

With that said, I wanted to introduce The Manifestation Collective – a private Facebook group where we can share everything, get excited, ask questions, get advice, chat all things woo and most of all, not be judged for our choice to believe in something we can’t see.

I’d absolutely love for you to join the community by pressing the button below and if you know of anyone else that would benefit from high vibes and powerful minds, just invite them to the group. The more the merrier, and here’s hoping if we raise our vibes high enough collectively, we can help me manifest Idris Elba naked at my front door.

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