When I say I’ve been meaning to blog about this company for ages, I literally mean, I came across it last year and put it in my box of future blog posts. Twelve months later and here I am with my fancy new interiors and lifestyle blog, finally getting around to introducing the ace concept that is Kid & Coe.

For those who haven’t heard of Kid & Coe, the basic concept is to bring together the very best holiday rental spaces which are all completely kid friendly. It has been designed to take the stress and hassle away from looking for a family holiday, spanning Africa, through to Amsterdam to Austin.

Founder Zoie Kingsbery Coe created the idea for Kid & Coe back in early 2013, from her home city of New York. She began seeking out kid-friendly property rentals that made her family feel at home when they travelled the world, and soon an increasing amount of parents were asking her to share her travel expertise and property secrets.

The reason I wanted to share Zoie’s brainchild with all you mamas and papas out there is that one, it’s a fantastic idea, but also because the homes sourced globally are an interior design lovers dream. I mean just take a look at this apartment in Amsterdam pictured above – who wouldn’t want a swing in their front room?!

The S.Oxford Street Residence, New York

The Noque Residence, Andalusia

The Spring Cottage, Cornwall

The Nautilus Residence, Miami

The Pierre Levee Reside

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