My Personal Interior Design Style, Room By Room

When I think back to when I first moved into my apartment back in 2014, I had a very eclectic style. My interior was a mishmash of second-hand furniture, a mix of artwork on the walls, ranging from a huge Captain America canvas to gold foil prints, and attempted DIY’s which never managed to turn out quite like Pinterest.

Just so I can set the scene, I rent a two-bed top floor apartment on a corner plot, so I don’t have any neighbours apart from those below me, and I have an amazing amount of natural light as I’m also south facing with two sets of French balcony doors and large windows. I’ve never felt more settled in somewhere, obviously other than the house I grew up in – and it was all the more enjoyable after paying £900 a month for a room(!) in a house with four other people in London to move back up north and get this amount of space all for myself for £550 a month. Insane right.

Anyway, over the years, my style has certainly developed and as I started to make roots here, I’ve been more open to making changes and investing more into pieces such as a sofa, armchair, sideboard etc.

So how would I describe my interior design style now? There’s still an element of it being eclectic for sure. Nothing really matches but it kind of does, if that makes sense. But there’s a definite luxe feeling running through the whole apartment – I love reflective surfaces, gold, silver, velvet, faux flowers and pink. Lots of pink.

Each room is very different in its own style. My bedroom has come together perfectly over the last couple of months, with new curtains, new bed, fresh bedding, some new artwork and a gorgeous chair to create a reading nook. The vibe of this room I’d say is feminine luxe, and it’s definitely pulled together with a blush pink, gold and black colour palette. I genuinely feel like I’m in a five-start hotel in this room and it’s my favourite place to reside after a long day.

Dahlia Blush 200 Thread Count Bedding

My living room, however, is much more of a random mix, with a large L-shaped sofa in a denim blue, a Scandi-inspired round dining table and a mid-century style sideboard which I use for my television. I also have a beautiful Chesterfield armchair, which is probably my second favourite piece in the whole place – my bed being the first. I’d say this is the most eclectic, thrown-together room of the full apartment, and it’s the one room I’m never quite happy with. Mainly because it’s attached to the dullest kitchen known to man as it’s all open plan and because I rent, I can’t make that many changes. A living room makeover is on my plans for 2018, so watch this space.

Burford Armchair in Oatmeal | Silver Hourglass Drinks Trolley

My office come spare room is the only room I’ve made changes to in terms of paint, and even then, I was only allowed to change the magnolia to something brighter. It’s now a warm white and has a double bed, a huge double-sided wardrobe from Ikea (already built into the alcove when I moved in), a bedside table, a desk and filing cabinet. I was lucky enough to have this room featured in Style at Home Magazine as one of their makeover projects and in all honesty, it’s probably never looked as clean and a styled as it did that day *hangs head in shame.

Fjorde & Co Silke Desk | Gold Wire Basket

As mentioned before, as I live in a rented flat I can’t really make many changes to my kitchen or my bathroom so they’re pretty basic apart from artwork hanging and pretty towels from Anthropologie. Once I buy my own place these two are the rooms I’m desperate to design because even though they’re both very practical and have everything I need in fully working order, it poses some difficulty when you’re an interior design blogger but can’t really shoot in either of these two rooms. It’s the dream to one day have a pantry and a standalone bath – not in the same room…although that might not be a bad idea after all.

I’d love to know how your style has changed and if you have one interior design style running through your whole house or if you’re like me and have a different vibe for each room?

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    Your style has an overarching feature: you just want to touch and feel every surface! So soft and bright.