For the girl who loves the simplicity of Scandinavian styling, never did I think I’d be as enamoured with French inspired interiors as I am now. I can sometimes become so obsessed with mid-century furniture, subway tiles and monochrome that I forget to look at what other design styles are out there.

But in a real effort to widen my reach on this little blog of mine, I wanted to start introducing something different to what I normally would, and that starts today with French boudoirs. We used to travel as a family to France most years, from the very north through to the beautiful ornate Chateaux and finally in the south of France with the affluence of Monte Carlo. I think that’s why I’m such a fan of this type of interior.

Although the French typically love a mix of bold colours and statement walls – especially in some beautiful Parisian town houses I’ve seen, there’s also a real love for a muted palette comprising blush, cream and champagne – the latter being a particular favourite of mine. To get this look in your own house is relatively easy, it’s about detail, detail, detail.

Central to a beautiful French inspired boudoir, has to be the bed. Whether it’s a brass frame, romantic Rattan or the elegant curves of a sleigh bed, the key is to create a statement. For me, the cream velvet design above is stunning, working so well against the off-white floorboards and traditional molded walls. Crisp white bedding with Oxford pillows and textured throws finish this look off perfectly.

Furniture can either work as mirrored pieces or rustic shabby chic designs. I personally love mirrored furniture, but there’s a romantic element to vintage pieces which obviously have a story to tell. Add fresh roses, an ornate table lamp and candles to your bedside table, and fill that empty corner (if you have one of course) with a beautiful French inspired velvet or linen upholstered armchair.

The final element to creating a French boudoir it to hang an impressive glass chandelier. As you can see from the pictures below, it really ties the whole look together and although you can pick one up for less than £80, they make a room look much more expensive than it really is.

You can shop the post below to create this look yourself. I’d love to know if you’d covet this look yourself so leave me a little comment below. Have a great hump day.

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