When we decorate a room, most of us like to take our time. We can easily spend weeks gathering ideas, pulling together our ideas on Pinterest, collecting material swatches, photos, and paint samples.

This approach is a great way to re-style a room, but it takes time, a lot of time. But, what do you do if you only have a weekend or a few days to transform a room? For example, if you’ve put your house on the market and you need to stage it to make it loo presentable in a short space of time.  What do you do then? Just read on. Here I explain how to restyle a room in just one weekend.

The ceiling

OK, we are going to go from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling. Usually this just needs touching up with a bit of paint, but it is also worth updating your light fitting at the same time. Nothing dates a room more than a tired old lampshade,  so replace it with a modern light fitting. Someone with a bit of DIY experience can do this job in under an hour. This 4-minute video shows you how to do it safely.

The walls

Walls can easily be painted. You can get this done quickly by buying one coat paint, and using rollers, and cut in pads. If you get someone to help you by doing the cutting in for you painting the average bedroom need only take a few hours. If you are going to paint a door with panels, allow at least two hours. It is a small area, but will have to be rubbed down, and is a complex item to paint, so it takes time to do. An even faster way to decorate a wall is to use wall stickers. There are thousands of different designs to choose from, and you can easily order them online. A whole wall sticker can usually be applied in less than 30 minutes, but, again get someone to help you if you can.

The floor

Flooring is not a problem provided you pick an easy lay solution. By far the easiest option is vinyl flooring. This comes in a range of styles, so whether you want a stone affect finish, wood, or tiles you can get it using vinyl. The only problem is that it is a bit cold underfoot. If this is a concern, we suggest opting for laminate flooring instead. It takes longer to install than vinyl, but provided
you choose a click together system it is also easy to lay.

The furniture

Oddly enough, the fastest way to refurnish a room is to hire some showhome furniture. Many firms that supply property developers will happily provide short-term furniture hire to private homeowners. If you want, you can hire everything from them, including the bed linen. With this option, you get furniture that is 100 per cent up to date and flawless, so your prospective buyers are bound to be impressed. As you can see transforming a room over the course of a weekend, or over the  course of a long workday is well within the realms of possibility.

* Post in partnership with Emblem Furniture

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