How To Use Scent To Elevate Your Home

Here are 4 tips on how to use scent in your home, from choosing the right scent to harmonise with the space, to creating stylish vignettes.

Scent within interior design can often become an afterthought, coming last to our other senses as we focus on colour palettes, silhouettes, and textures throughout our home. However, it’s often one of the most important elements to consider as we look to create a home we look forward to coming back to at the end of each day.

Scent, whether through candles, incense, diffusers or flowers, for example, can create a certain ambiance or mood within a space – and as a scent is so subjective, layering smells within your home is, of course, down to preference. Nevertheless, there are elements you should consider when choosing scents for your living, eating and sleeping space.

Harmonise with your surroundings

The key is to harmonise with your surroundings – lavender, for example, is the perfect addition to the bedroom as it evokes restful and relaxing thoughts and aids your sleep. Similarly, citrus scents work incredibly well in both the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.

However, you may find deep musky scents don’t sit well within a light and airy living space, or fresh cotton scents within your dark blue study with walnut furniture. The most important point to note is that you’re looking to compliment the mood of the room, with nothing designed to overpower.

Provoke an emotion

Scents are powerful tools, especially when they have the ability to evoke a fond memory or emotion. Do you ever really forget the scent of your first love? I know I haven’t. So, use familiar scents that bring back happy memories within your home. A tip I picked up recently is, if you’ve been to a space you love i.e. a spa, for example, ask what the fragrance is they’re using and see if you can purchase the same or similar. My sister did this after her trip to the Maldives and now she’s transported back every time she sprays this scent around her home.

Create a Sanctuary

You can create a sanctuary within your home just by the power of scent. Pick your favourite spot for relaxing – a reading nook, the bathtub, the bedroom – and light candles to instantly make you feel at ease. Not only does the scent have a calming effect, but the soft candlelight sets the tone for a relaxing hour or so ahead.

Create stylish vignettes

The final tip on how to use scent to elevate your home is to not actually rely on the scent at all – rather using the aesthetically pleasing design of the candle to create stylish vignettes are the home. I was recently gifted this beautiful Parks London candle, which in turn sparked the idea for this blog post, and as you can see, the simple monochromatic design is ideal for adding a luxe feel to my bedside table. Made in England, with a 100 percent natural wax, this Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang scent makes my space feel a little more “boudoir” than a plain old bedroom.

If scents interested you, I’d highly recommend checking out the Parks London Scent Fragrance Guide, which has a contribution from yours truly about how scent can be used in interior design. What would you say is your favourite scent? I’m partial to the clean, fresh smell of linen running through the house, or a dark woody smell on an evening in.

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  1. 9.24.18
    Kim said:

    Fab post! I’d never really considered scents for different rooms until I moved recently. My living room has a stronger orange blossom scent, my hallway has a linen one and my bedroom my favourite, sweetpea.

    One of my favourite candle scents was one my mum bought me and was a black pomegranate scent.

    • 9.24.18

      I love orange blossom!! You’re making me want to go out and buy more candles now! 🙂 xx

  2. 12.31.18
    Emma said:

    I adore Parks candles, I always pick them up in TKMaxx where they tend to go for a lovely bargain price. Also on Brandalley….I’m sure you know that already though, haha! Sorry, top tip for your other readers though ?

    • 1.2.19

      I love those tips!! Keep sharing away 🙂 I love a good TK Maxx find! xxx