Great Ideas To Style Your Bedside Table

In today's post we take a look at how to style your bedside table successfully, from lighting to storage. Head over to discover more.

Styling your bedside table, or nightstand if you’re in America, is one sure fire way to give your bedroom that added oomph. Creating pretty vignettes and updating seasonally is an inexpensive way to not only add interest but to change up the complete feel of the room in a relatively easy way. Cheap and easy? Now that’s my sort of interior design blog post.

There are four different elements to styling your bedside table – lighting, storage, senses and decorative items. Lighting, for example, is key, especially if you read for a little while before drifting off, so make sure you buy a bulb that isn’t too bright – ones with a metallic top soften the light which is perfect for allowing the brain to relax and switch off. I adore this ombre glass light from JD Williams, which can add a pop of colour if you have a plain backdrop. I’d consider buying a rattan or bamboo lampshade and swapping the original for a more bohemian take.

4 Elements You Need To Style Your Bedside Table

Storage, meanwhile, needs to be small but functional, so a gold tray like this design below from H&M Home is perfect for keeping your hand cream, jewellery and night time lotions and potions all together in a stylish way.

A great addition to any night stand is something to aid you to drift off – think lavender pillow spray, an eye mask (the Mulberry pink silk eye mask is only £7.50) and a soothing candle to light as you read and wind down.

Bedside Table Styling Ideas

Finally, my favourite part, the decorative accessories. The lighting is right, your beauty products are organised and stored away and you have a beautiful candle burning. To pull the whole bedside table together, you can’t beat pieces such as textured vases, with or without flowers, photo frames, books with pretty covers and maybe one eclectic piece that has no use other than looking styling – the Hygeia Bust below is a prime example of useless beauty. Although I haven’t added them on here, you could definitely follow Studio McGee’s example of styling above and hang some wall art above your bedside table to really tie the whole look together.

Do any of these pieces catch your eye? I’d love to know the 4 essentials on your bedside table – mine would have to be a good book, lavender pillow spray, Soap & Glory hand cream and Liz Earle lip balm. Let me know below.

How To Style Your Bedside Table

Oliver Ombre Table Lamp in Plum £35.00 | Metal Tray With Glass Sides £17.99 | Bergamot & Sea Salt Hand Cream £8.50 | Low Stoneware Vase £12.99 | Plum & Orris Ceramic Glaze Candle £23.00 | Karlsson Button Alarm Clock £13.05 | 101 Ways To Live Well Book £7.99 | Textured Carafe £12.99 | Modena Gold Block Frame 4 x 4 £16.00 | Textured Vase £12.99 | Modern Mindfulness Book £8.99 | Hygeia Bust £46.00 | Mango Wood Vintage Bedside Table £177.50

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  1. 7.3.17
    Jenny said:

    A good book, lip balm and hand cream would definitely be my essentials too x


  2. 7.8.17
    Caroline said:

    Lamp, books/kindle, hand cream and a glass of water. That is what is currently on my side
    I could do with a nice clock I think.


  3. 12.21.18
    Tara Cohen said:

    I love the nightstand in the first picture, where is that from?

    • 1.2.19

      Hi Tara, I think this is West Elm but it was taken years ago so not sure it will still be stocked. They might have similar pieces! x