If you’re looking to sell your property, or it’s been on the market for a little while and you’re not having much bite, then today’s post on how to stage your house to sell it quickly and inexpensively might be for you.

When I’m looking at content I create for this blog, I often take notes of questions I’m asked by you, the readers. One question I was asked recently was, how do I create the right impression to people coming to view my home to buy.

Let’s start by saying, having a beautifully styled home is key when you’re going through an estate agents, as well as a private sale Yes your estate agent will come and take the photographs for you, but they’re not paid to style your home (hello dream job). But don’t panic, there are a number of easy and cost effective ways to stage your home for viewings to make sure you sell it fast, and for the price you want.

Start from the outside

Curb appeal is super important so make sure your front door has had a lick of paint, clear any rubbish away, buy some colourful plants and cut the lawn. Create a great first impression and you’ll be off to a great start.

Clean, clean, clean

I feel like this is a pretty obvious tip but you wouldn’t believe how some people present their houses when they’re trying to sell. Do a full spring clean, from the window sills to the skirting boards – leave no surface untouched. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

No Clutter

Although you want to retain an element of your personal style, clear away clutter from sideboards etc. You don’t want to overpower a space, giving the viewer some help in seeing the house as it would be if they were to move in.

Be Neutral

Don’t hate me for saying this, but if you have loud and bright colours in your home, it could potentially put people off. I’m not saying everything has to be magnolia – I, for one, love dark walls, but try tone it down a little with neutral accessories and finishe if you can’t repaint the walls a lighter, more subdued colour. Caroline Verity, Creative Director of Skipton Properties gives her top tip on creating the show home look: “Having neutral colours in your home is key to creating a calming environment. When bringing a show home to life, I don’t usually use wallpaper, however if you do have wallpaper, a neutral design with a little texture is great.”

Set the Table

Having a table set will make a great impression on buyers, so buy a runner, get some fresh flowers and create a nice focal point along the centre of the table. It just gives, what is usually an empty space between dining, some focus. It also really helps to set the scene for potential buyers for them to imagine what family dinners could look like.

Organise your cupboards and closets

If you have built in closet space then beware, buyers will want to look inside to see how roomy it is. Why not showcase that spac off, and organise it into sections. Make sure your clothes are all hung up, shoes organised and other bits boxed away at the bottom of the cupboard.

Rearrange furniture

Although your living space is no doubt set to what works best for you right now, ask yourself, is it maximising the space you have? Use your space wisely as you don’t want to give the impression the rooms you have are small. Another point is to utilise any extra rooms you may have, adding a single bed to the spare room you currently use as a junk room, or creating a utility area to the small room to your back door.

Keep doors open

You want to encourage people to look around your house, but you also want to let the light shine through, so keep all doors open There’s nothing more off putting than looking around a house and wondering what’s behind that dark closed door at the top of the stairs.

It’s all in the styling

Once the house is cleaned, clear of any clutter with maximum space, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Fresh flowers are always a great idea, get new towels out in the bathroom, a fluffy white robe on the back of the door, a beautiful scent around the home, fresh bars of soap and every bed perfectly made. You’ll have an offer of the asking price before you know it.

* Post in partnership with Skipton Properties

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