10 Ways To Regain Your Motivation To Lose Weight


It’s the age old tale of trying to lose weight, having one bad snack and then writing the rest of day off, because, well, you might aswell start afresh tomorrow. Or in my case, write the whole month off because “it’s always better to start on the 1st of the month.” Despite it still only being the 3rd.

When you first started your new healthy lifestyle, you went into it all guns blazing. You were up for the gym at 6.00 for 45 minutes cardio, before whipping up a smoothie to drink on your way to work and popping an avocado in your bag to show everyone at work you’re only eating good fats. All your conversations start with, or somehow involve, an avocado.

Except now, your avocado has gone past the point of ripe, and you’ve fallen so far off the wagon you can’t even see it it in the distance anymore. One piece of cake and you decide all your handwork over the past couple of weeks has been undone and you put your head in the fridge, never to be seen again.

So you can either continue to walk backwards, or you can stop right now and jump back into the healthy lifestyle you were trying to lead before cake-gate. And it doesn’t mean having to take huge steps. You can regain your motivation by making small changes, but making them today. Making them now – after you’ve finished reading this blog post of course.

Here are ten ways to stay motivated to lose weight and feel happier in your skin.

1. Whatever your next meal is, pack it full of fruit or vegetables. Try a new recipe, and make sure it contains loads of goodness so you either continue that way through the day, or go to sleep feeling happy you nipped the downward spiral in the bud nice and early. And remember, it doesn’t have to be boring. You more than likely slipped off the wagon because you were feeling uninspired, so sit down and look through your recipe books or online and see what new tasty ideas you can cobble together.

2. Go for a 20 minute walk, either after work or on your lunch hour. It’s a simple one but it will get your blood pumping and you’ll feel happier once you’ve finished.

3. Look for some inspiration on social media. One of my favourite things to do is search for the hashtag #fitspo or #bodyinspo to give me a kick up the jelly – and if motivational quotes are your thing then Pinterest will be your best friend. But remember to stay away from anything too unrealistic. I’m a standard pear shape so I know I’ll never look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but I could look to Beyonce or J-Lo and think, maybe one day…

4. Take out all the unhealthy crap that’s managed to creep back into your fridge and give it away. Either take it to work, or give it to family or friends. Either way. dont throw it in the bin as that’s just plain wasteful. Now, fill your fridge back up with plenty of tasty but healthy bits.

5. Create a vision board, either from pulling pictures and quotes from magazines if you like to do things the old school way, or create a Pinterest board with pictures of your intended goal and reasons why you’re trying to lose weight. Want to wear a certain outfit, like skinny jeans and a simple white tee (my dream outfit believe it or not), then pop a picture of that on there to remind you what you’re working towards.

6. Get your clean on. It might sound weird, but I always think once you have a spring clean, you can officially start again. It’s like when September comes around and you start a brand new year, or when it’s New Year’s Day and you have a whole year which is yours for the taking. Get organised, throw some bits in a bag for the charity shop and let today be your fresh start.

7. Try find a new exercise class. I used to just stick to the gym classes like bodypump or pilates but then some friends suggested trampolining and it was so much fun. And it didn’t feel like I was pushing myself back into an exercise regime, but it did make me want to eat a healthy dinner afterwards so I didn’t undo all my hard work. And trust me, trampolining is hard work, despite you thinking it’s just bouncing up and down for an hour.

8. Work out a plan. Set your target, work out how many weeks or months you have, work out meals for the week and work out your weak spot so you can tackle that. My weak spot is on an evening, so now I try and save some of my calories (or syns if you’re a Slimming World follower like me) for a small bar of sea salt dark chocolate – get yourself to Aldi people, it’s amazing – and I know I won’t have gone off track because I’ve planned for it.

9. Keeping a food diary doesn’t need to be a pain, just carry a little notebook around with you and jot down every time you eat something. Good or bad. And once the weeks over, take a look at where you could easily cut back or where you were mindlessly eating. Keeping track just really helps to stay focused on everything you put in your mouth as opposed to sitting there eating in front of the TV and before you know it, a huge bag of Doritos has gone and have a bag of family share Malteasers.

10. And finally, the most important of them all. Stop waiting for when you lose weight to enjoy things in life. If you want to do something, but you’re holding off until you shift that stone or two, then you’re wasting precious moments of being here on earth. Trust me, when you’re happy and feeling positive, trying new experiences, losing weight will come much easier. It’s when we’re stuck in a vicious circle of feeling unhappy so we eat to feel good again that it becomes a slippery slope.

I thought it might be a good idea to post this on a Monday, especially after the bank holiday here in UK, when sticking to a healthy eating plan is more than likely to have gone straight out of the car window as you head to the seaside for some sugar coated donuts. Have a great week guys.

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