How To Press Reset For The Week Ahead

Sometimes we all have those periods where everything feels out of sorts. You’re chasing your tail and you’re trying to juggle everything, all the while feeling like you’re not able to give anything 100 per cent.

Works piling up, you’re not eating right, and the house looks like a bomb’s hit it. I usually fall victim to these episodes when I’ve had a busy month at work and I’ve put that before everything else. My eating slips, I don’t keep on top of finances and I’m forever worrying if today will be the day my cards declined, I start forgetting things and I generally feel a bit crappy.

So, what I like to do now when I find myself in this position is take some time to reset. I dedicate a full day – usually a Sunday – to getting everything back in order and making sure I feel balanced and on an even keel again.  I thought I’d share some of my reset tips to see if it helps you feel back in control and ready to take on the week.

Tidy the house

How often do I preach this to you? Too often I suspect. But even if you don’t want to do a massive clean down, make sure surfaces are wiped, bins are emptied, and clothes are put away. It’s so much nicer to wake up on a Monday morning to a tidy house, and what better feeling than getting into bed on a Sunday evening to fresh, clean sheets. It takes me 30 minutes maximum to tidy my flat, two hours if I really want to give it a deep clean – allow yourself half an hour to run the vacuum around and polish, and you’ll instantly feel better.

Sort bills, paperwork & inboxes

Use your reset day to get on top of bills and paperwork. Do you have anything that needs paying? Or receipts that need filing? It sends me into a mild panic when my purse is bursting at the seams with receipts for my tax return, so every Sunday I like to sit and make a note on my Excel spreadsheet – does anyone else have a love for spreadsheets – of what I’ve earned that week and what I’ve paid out. I also like to log into my online banking and check that I’m not overdrawn or waiting for an invoice to be paid. The last task in this section is to go through my inbox and delete any junk that I’ve allowed to build up and reply to anything important. It gives me a head start on Monday and it’s the only bit of work I like to do on reset Sunday’s.

Plan meals & food shop

My eating plan goes to whack when I’m in a period before I need to reset. I’ll grab mostly junk food or microwave meals and I wouldn’t be able to tell you the last time I ate a fresh vegetable. Which in turn makes me feel even more run down, spotty and irritable. I like to spend my reset Sunday’s – like I will be today – prepping and planning my meals for the full seven days ahead. I’ll see what bits I have in the freezer/cupboards already, what I need to buy extra to create some tasty dishes and off to the shops we go. If I can batch cook something in the slow cooker as well, then extra points to me.

Write day events, dates etc on your calendar

I’m the worst for forgetting or even potentially double-booking when I’m busy, so take some time during your reset day to look at the month ahead and update any events or important dates. Is it someone’s birthday this month that you need to sort a present for? Or do you need to book train tickets somewhere early to get the best possible deal? See what you’ve got coming up and get prepared – especially for those dates where you could take a financial hit with things such as train tickets, you’ll only annoy yourself if you leave it until the last minute.

Pamper yo’self

Sunday evening is the perfect time to exfoliate, paint your nails and put a sheet mask on, ready to start the new week with a glow. Taking time to look after yourself in this way shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, it should be a necessity in my opinion. It goes along with feeding yourself with goodness so you’re feeling your best both inside and out. If I can, I like to get a hot stone massage and have my chakras cleansed on my reset day as this really helps me to unwind and feel like any creative blocks I might have had, disappear. Plus, you’ll feel ready to tackle Monday head-on when you wake up with new nails and soft skin – don’t underestimate the power of pampering.

Write a fresh to-do list

Take some time to write your to-do list for the week ahead. You need to tackle those tasks you’ve been putting off first, while motivation is strong after your reset day. Make sure you add any tasks like call the dentist or change a direct debit date and just get it done. My to-do list this week has three main tasks, which include clearing my office ready for its makeover, writing blog content for the week & finishing two interior design plans. Once these are finished, I can get on to the little jobs that aren’t so time sensitive and I don’t have those deadlines hanging over my head.

Set new goals

The final one is to sit down, work out what you want for the month ahead and set some fresh goals. Scrap anything that hasn’t worked out well so far and see this new week as a time to really work towards something you want. Are you wanting to increase your fitness? Take some time to research a fun class at your gym you can sign up to. Or are you wanting to travel somewhere new? Check out local airbnb’s and Skyscanner for last minute deals. Looking to pay off your credit card? See if you can move it to a 0% interest one and look at where you can make savings in your day-to-day life. It’s about setting goals but also putting them into action with one small step on your reset day so you’re already ahead of the game. My new goal for this week is to up my Pinterest game, so my small step today is to join Tailwind and schedule pinning for the next seven days so I don’t have to worry about my account going quiet while I’m hidden away in my office trying to build flatpack furniture.

There you have it, some simple ways I like to press reset after a period of stress and being overworked. How do you like to reset? Let me know below as I’ve love to know.

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  1. 6.24.18
    Lucy said:

    Having spent the day tidying, planning the week ahead, setting up future blog posts and meal prepping. Also about to pamper and paint my nails. I can 100% relate to this. Like, on a spiritual level :’)

    I also feel you on the eating junk food up until you realise you need to start meal prepping again – I am dreadful for doing this!


    • 6.24.18

      I’m glad it’s not just me Lucy!! 🙂 And I totally get the spiritual level vibes!!!! Here’s to a great week ahead lovely xx

  2. 6.25.18
    Lailah said:

    I can realte to this post on another level . Especially with the eating junk food thing. I can’t agree more to going to sleep with a clean house so you can wake up to a clean house, I feel like it gives me peace and so much energy. !

    • 6.25.18

      So glad you’re the same as me Lailah!! You just feel so much mentally don’t you! Decluttered house, decluttered mind! 🙂 xx