OK, so it’s the 9th of November and normally I wouldn’t be showing you any Christmas DIY’s until the end of the month, but I made my own advent calendar this weekend and I couldn’t wait to show you. I’m not going to lie, I spent a hell of a long time crafting this weekend, but I love doing this sort of thing so I settled down with me, myself, my scissors and my glue for some Art Attack style fun.

It all started with this white pegboard from Rose & Grey. I’m a Style Ambassador for Rose & Grey and every couple of months they set me a style challenge. The challenge for December was to create something Christmas’y, so what better than to design my very own advent calendar filled with a chocolate treat (Slimming World friendly of course!). Off I went to Hobbycraft i.e. Mecca on Saturday morning to get inspired. It was like walking into a Christmas wonderland.

I found some small white bags, some washi tape, a variety of printed cards and papers, glitter stars to stick on and rub-on transfers – basically I went mad. I spent £26 so it’s definitely more expensive than your average advent calendar but I can re-use it every year now. Kind of a cost-per-wear situation if you like. I wanted each bag to look different, so it was just a case of creating different patterns etc. Honestly, it was some of the best hours of my life, no joke. The bags were £3 for 10 and I ended up cutting the handles off and punching a hole through to tie rope because they were slightly too big as they were in their original form. It ended up working really well. Now all I need is for the 1st of December to come around.

Thank you to Rose & Grey for sending me this great board, which I’m going to use at my work desk once December is done. I’m sorry if this Christmas post is a little too early for you. Actually scrap that, I’m not sorry at all. I bloody love Christmas. Have a great Monday anyway guys and let me know if you intend on getting crafty at all this season.

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  1. 11.9.15
    Tess O'Donovan said:

    lovely work! x

  2. 11.9.15

    I was *this* close to doing something similar but you've done it much better than I ever could 🙂
    Love it x

  3. 11.15.15
    Alina said:

    Such a lovely idea, I definitely want to try this out some time before Xmas. 🙂