Although Monday is pretty much coming to an end now (rejoice), I wanted to share this post for anyone else who feels like packing up and moving to a desert island to sell ice cream at the start of every week. I’d even go as far as saying my Monday blues kick in some time after 3pm on a Sunday. I’ve had a relaxing weekend, usually filled with friends, family, laughter and generally pottering around, and the thought of the usual Monday grind gives me a headache. There are things though that you can do to make the start of the week a little more bearable, because let’s face it, life is for living right and no-one likes to be around Debbie Downer for too long.

No Plans

The thought of finishing work and having to go meet friends, however much I love them, is enough to give me frown wrinkles. Monday nights are for coming back from work, and doing absolutely ziltch. I say no to all plans on a Monday. You need to recuperate from the tough day you’ve just had, so don’t you dare feel bad about sitting on the sofa and enjoying the peace and quiet. Obviously this will only happen once the kids are in bed, if you’re a mama or papa, but appreciate it when it does.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself a little better by popping on a face mask and giving yourself a pedicure/manicure. I know the glossy mags and websites tell you you’re supposed to do all this on a Sunday night, ready for the week ahead, but I’m usually having too much fun to even think about getting my trotters out and painting them at the weekend. A plan-free Monday night is the perfect time.


Cook something delicious

We always promise ourselves Monday will be a fresh start diet-wise, and there’s no reason you should fall at the first hurdle. Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless so why not cook yourself something really delicious – even an alternative to your favourite takeaway dish or I’d definitely recommend this lemon chicken recipe – and that way you won’t wake up Tuesday, angry at yourself that you didn’t stick to your healthy eating plan.

Plan a Getaway

A great way to feel better about it being Monday is spending your lunch hour or evening looking for a little holiday in the sun. Even if you don’t have the money right now, they’re no harm in searching for potentials. I know dreaming about the perfect holiday isn’t as good as actually being there but it’s a start right?


Box Set Marathon

With the whole night ahead of you, and a tasty dish on the table, what better way to cheer yourself up than to gorge on a new Netflix series. The Amazon firestick, pictured above, has over 4,2000 channels, apps and games now available, combining the UK’s most popular streaming and catch up services with Amazon’s Video library of over 50,000 popular movies and TV shows. Having received a Firestick as a gift from Amazon recently, it was great to be able to catch up with my guilty pleasure, Love Island (don’t judge), with the ITV Hub app – as well as All 4, BBC, ITV, Netflix, UKTV Play, Sky News, Spotify, Ministry of Sound Radio, Prime Music, Vevo, Youtube, Amazon Video and so much more. Definitely worth checking out as it’s only a one time payment of £34.99 for all that.

Put Your Positive Pants On

You get up, realise it’s Monday and the dread of the humdrum day ahead of you sets in. Well shake that thought out of your head and think positively. Is there a way you can change the reason you’re feeling like this? Do you hate your job? Use Monday evening to make a plan to get out of there and fast. Are you unhappy in your flat? Take 30 minutes at lunch time to hunt for a new place within your budget. Take some time to make sure you change your life to Monday’s don’t seem so bad at all.

So there you have it, six little ways that might help Monday feel less of a drag. Your version of Monday might fall on any other day of the week but all you really need to remember is on days like this, don’t push yourself too much, treat yourself as if you’re number one and get a good nights sleep so you can wake up and embrace the shit out of the next day.

*Post in partnership with Amazon Firestick

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