How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear and Feel Larger

Not all of us get to carry out our morning routine in a massive bathroom. Some of us may even be forced to make the most out of smaller environments such as cloakrooms or tiny en-suites. When space is at a premium, adopting an innovative mindset is the best way to make the most out of what these areas have to offer. Thankfully, exhibiting the illusion of space can often be just as effective as undertaking a massive renovation project. 
Let us examine some professional suggestions from Bathroom Planet if you are looking to help give the appearance of space in a smaller bathroom.

Add Mirrors to Make Space Look Bigger

In terms of providing the illusion of space, mirrors can truly work wonders. They offer an additional sense of dimension and depth. As a result, even smaller areas will appear to be much larger. If possible, place mirrors on opposite walls. These tend to reflect the maximum amount of ambient light. You may also choose to purchase a larger mirror that can be located immediately above the basin. As these will double as efficient storage spaces, they can likewise help to reduce the amount of clutter in the immediate area.

Accentuate Exterior Light

Speaking of light, some of the most well-designed bathrooms will make the most out of any exterior light that may be present. While this can often be achieved with a skylight, it is just as possible by selecting semi-transparent drapes. This type of illumination is also excellent in terms of providing a veritable “breath of fresh air”. If the bathroom window does not face the sun, you may also opt for LED fixtures, as these provide a much crisper light when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Use Large Tiles

One lesser-known trick to employ involves using larger tiles. Of course, this tip will only work if you are redesigning a bathroom. This arises from the fact that smaller designs tend to appear “busier” due to the amount of grout that is present between the borders of each tile. Large tiles will also provide a more uniform and cleaner overall appearance. 

Opt for white tiles and contrasting dark grout for even greater impact. 

A Bit of Decluttering

There is nothing worse than a bathroom laden with accessories that have not been properly stored. Not only will this detract from the inherent space, but it can even present a safety hazard. Purchase cabinets, vanities and similar storage units to place these accessories aside until they are required. You could also choose to store items that are not often used in another area of the home.

Use Bright Colours

The colour of your bathroom will always be associated with how large the area appears. Similar to other locations of your home, it is normally best to choose white or off-white tones (such as bone or eggshell). This is the very same reason why closets are nearly always painted white. As an added tip, be sure to apply semi-gloss paint. This formulation is easy to clean and it is slightly reflective.

Smaller Bathroom Furniture

Some homeowners have adopted the “bigger is better” approach when choosing bathroom furniture such as basins, toilets and baths. While this might be fine if you are dealing with a larger amount of space, it will make smaller locations feel even more restricting. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Miniature wash basins, corner-mounted vanity units and shower enclosures designed to embrace unique dimensions are all excellent choices. However, be sure to strike a balance between size and functionality. It makes little sense to purchase a miniature basin only to realise that it cannot accommodate the needs of your family.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Transparency is yet another element associated with the sensation of space. If you happen to own a shower enclosure, replace frosted glass with transparent panes. Over for an even more minimalist feel, opt for a frameless shower enclosure. These will offer a seamless means to integrate two areas that might otherwise appear to be separate from one another.

High-Gloss Fittings and Hardware

Small suggestions can also leave a lasting impression. One of the issues associated with older bathrooms is that they often contain outdated hardware. Examples include taps, shower mixers, window latches and door knobs. If this happens to be the case in your home, invest in new fittings. There are a host of unique finishes to choose from and some stunning options include:

  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Simulated gold
  • Brass

This hardware will reflect a copious amount of light and it can also breathe a bit of life into older furniture.

Maximise Floor Space

While this might seem obvious, floor space is often the main factor which will determine the apparent size of your bathroom. If you are dealing with a tiny location, it is prudent to obtain wall-mounted furniture (such as toilets and basins) are opposed to those which are affixed to the floor. This will also take the guesswork out of cleaning.

Curves as Opposed to Angles

There is nothing wrong with “cutting corners” if this strategy is approached with a bit of foresight. Curved designs have become quite popular within modern bathrooms due to their sleek and luxurious appeal. Furthermore, these dimensions can often free up additional space. It is normally best to replace all existing furniture simultaneously, as you might otherwise find that the bathroom suddenly appears imbalanced due to the presence of multiple styles.

Please note that the suggestions outlined above are extremely useful in the event that you cannot afford a complete bathroom renovation. Each can be employed as a standalone strategy or used alongside the others which have been listed. Although it is not always possible to enjoy the spacious nature of a walk-in bathroom, there is no reason why you cannot fully leverage the options at your disposal.

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