How To Create Your Own Vision Board


OK, so if you think the law of attraction and the power of visualisation is a load of whack then I’d probably flick onto some other blog right now because you’re not going to like what’s about to go down here on Apartment Number 4. Whilst most people were out having fun on Friday evening, I was sat feeling like a rotten tomato thanks to a virus I’d caught earlier in the week. So what better time than to tackle the huge pile of magazines in my office and sit down to create my long-awaited vision board. Hollaaa, come at me positive vibes.

A vision board, for those who aren’t familiar, is a board you create with a whole host of images, words and phrases of things you want to visualise entering your life. To put it simply, if you want a Chanel bag, you place a picture of the bag you want on your vision board and you spend a little time each morning and evening really focusing on your goals – i.e. your goal to be able to afford a Chanel bag all on your own #boss. The positive thoughts you put out there are said to attract ways and means of allowing you to be able to head down to Chanel and pick yourself a little up, all the while feeling like Pretty Woman on Rodeo Drive. You could be presented with an opportunity to work towards a bonus scheme at work, or maybe you’ll have a lucky windfall.

According to the book, The Secret, “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualising, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

Now, whether you think that’s a load of old crap, I’m placing my faith in the fact that Oprah, Ellen and many more people believe vision boards work, and have done for years. Having spent over two hours cutting and sticking (I was in heaven), I noticed I’d put very few material things down. I don’t crave a fancy car, or new shoes.  For me, my vision board is about my goals in blogging, finding love and feeling really happy and at ease.

When you’re creating yours, remember there are absolutely no rules. You can put whatever inspires and motivates you. Decide what your goals are before hand. I knew, for example, that I have three main focuses.

One, to really strive to create a successful and inspiring blog, grow my audience and become a trusted figure in the blogging industry. For that I decided to cut out pictures of bloggers I admire – hello Victoria from In The Frow, you absolute #BossBabe – from their professionalism to their unique sense of blogging, all of whom have worked incredibly hard to be where they are now.

Two, I want to find love. A “best friends who fall in love” kind of love. Which is why I chose a huge cutout of the word love, a picture of a beautiful wedding ceremony, couples laughing and of course, John Legend, who adores his wife so much it actually hurts my heart. Plus I fancy the arse off him.

And finally, three, being happy and confident in myself. OK, so perhaps I chose to cut out a picture of a nice peachy bum, but this was more about the feeling of being content and no so hung up on how I look. I wanted images that created a sense of calm, tranquillity, relaxation and inner peace.

You can start with one big vision board, like I did, and place it somewhere you’ll see it every morning and before you go to sleep. Mine is resting on the drawers in my bedroom so I’ll be able to focus each morning as I put my makeup on and when I take it off again at night. But you can also make miniature ones to maybe add to your home office, or take to work so you visualise your goals throughout the day.

If you want to get started today, your equipment list is pretty bog standard:

A piece of white board (I chose A1 size from Hobbycraft as I knew I had a lot to put on there)




A stress-free hour or so, with no distractions and no TV on in the background

I really do want this to work so I’ll keep you updated if I spot any changes or any opportunities coming my way now I’ve opened myself to the laws of attraction. Have you got a vision board, or would you plan on creating one? I’d love to know what you think and whether you believe this sort of thing works.

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  1. 7.30.16
    Debs said:

    Love love love this….feel like you've been reading my mind over the last few weeks and putting out there the stuff that I am yet to have the courage to!!! Go you!!! Thanks for the honesty!!! Just as soon as I find the courage I'll vision board it up too!!! :0)