If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you’ll know I love an upcycling project. I’ve painted a few pieces of furniture (check out my rocking chair renovation post here).

Rust-oleum, if you didn’t know, is brand which offers a wide selection of paints, designed to go directly on to surfaces with minimal prep. For an inpatient girl like me, this absolutely perfect. For my previous projects I’ve used the chalk paints, which obviously as you can imagine gives a chalky finish. But when Rust-oleum got in touch to introduce their new Satin Finish range, I decided I wanted to update something I already own and give it a new silky makeover.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a plant stand, and instead of buying something new, I decided to turn my emergency chair (come on, who doesn’t have one of those), into something new. I also found a big plant pot which I took from my Grandma’s hiding at the back of the cupboard just waiting for a little rejuvenation.

The Satin range comprises of eight colours in total – in the end I decided to go with Cotton, a bright off white, Mocha, a mink-coloured off white and Slate, a medium grey. Each has a mid-sheen finish and silky touch.

I decided to paint the inner panel of the stool in Mocha, the rest of the stool in Cotton and the pot in Cotton and Slate. The paint dried relatively quickly – an hour until touch dry – and amazingly didn’t have any smell at all, which meant I could paint indoors without worrying about my cats getting high.

It took three coats with all three colours to get a finish that I liked, although if you wanted a more rustic look and you were painting on to unvarnished wood, then you could get away with two.

What I loved the most about this project was how quick it was. There’s no need to sand or prime, and there was also no need to wax or varnish the finished article because it already has a beautiful satin finish to it.

As you can see, it actually turned out rather well, took 2 hours in total from start to finish and I didn’t need to spend any money on buying something new. If upcycling is your thing then I’d definitely recommend trying out Rust-oleum’s latest range – which also includes Gloss and Metallic paints for any creative projects you might have in mind.

*Post is in partnership with Rustoleum, who kindly sent me paints to review.

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