How To Create A Manhattan Apartment

Taking a little step away from my usual love of feminine decor, I wanted to head back to New York (in my head at least) and show you how you can create the feel of a Manhattan apartment. With so many industrial influences, you’d be right in thinking this is a predominantly masculine style of decor, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve actually partnered with furniture specialist Camerich for this feature, who offer the most amazing high end modern furniture designs, from chic sofas to sleek angular coffee tables. At the heart of the brand is its simplistic design ethos – purity of form and materials that designed to last, which is obvious throughout each piece in the collection.

Founded in 2010, Camerich is already firmly established on a global scale, in markets such as Asia, the US and Europe. Although the brand offers much more than sofas, this is where it’s unique selling point really lies. Each sofa design is conceived to be as adaptable and customisable as possible for the shopper – a huge plus in my book, as everyone clambers to be different to the house next door. The innovative modular system, which includes removable covers, allows you to create a sofa to suit your ideal specification, perfect for an industrial inspired apartment which requires as much flexibility as possible.

So how do you create that New York industrial feel in your own home? It’s about letting your personality shine through, having an open plan space and using industrial textures and finishes in abundance. I love exposed brick work, as well as concrete, steel, metals such as copper and untreated wood with a raw finish. You don’t have to forgo comfort however, as the Crescent sofa from Camerich below shows. Can you imagine coming home from work and flopping down on this for the evening because I certainly can.

Crescent Sofa | Vessel Desk | Venus Armchair | Max Sideboard

The use of dark wood in a home can sometimes feel a little overwhelming so keep walls light, and use nudes, browns and whites throughout in textures such as layered rugs, cushions and sheepskin throws over the back of retro inspired leather armchairs. Although this style of decor suits a more muted colour palette, I think colour can be injected by adding art work to the walls, including amazing old film posters, and indoor plants in concrete planters placed around the room.

If you have an open plan room, use furniture to create sections of each living space, such as the Max sideboard running behind a sofa to make a definitive split between that and the dining room, for example.

 Bend Table | Waltz Dining Chairs | Enzo Coffee Table | Lark Side Table

One thing not to do when you’re creating a space like this is to over furnish it. Use each piece to create a statement. The Enzo coffee table above, for example, is a statement piece in itself, without needing anything more than some simple coffee table books and two decorative items place on top to create a stylish vignette.

So there you have it – eight of my favourite industrial inspired pieces from Camerich, and how to use them to create a New York inspired loft. Is this a look you like?

With showrooms across London (Islington, Swiss Cottage, Kingston, Chelsea & Fulham, the West End and Hampstead) as well as a comprehensive online shop for those outside the capital, I’d definitely recommend Camerich if you’re looking to invest in a high quality piece of furniture. You can visit the website here and let me know below if a more industrial inspired space is to your taste?

*Partnered post with Camerich. As always thoughts and views are my own.

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