How To Achieve A Modern Country Kitchen

How to achieve a modern country kitchen
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In terms of an interior design genre, ‘country’ isn’t a term I’ve necessarily climbed on board with when it comes to decorating my own home. But modern country? Modern country I’m excited about.

Especially when it comes to the kitchen.

I’ve been thinking about kitchens a lot recently – you can guess who’s been single for a while, right? – and having taken to Instagram for some much-needed inspiration for my upcoming kitchen revamp, there’s an obvious love for country kitchens with a modern update on my feed.

Today I wanted to share five elements that are designed to help you to achieve a modern country décor in your own kitchen, from storage to incorporating fixed roof lights into the look – and more importantly, without breaking the bank.

How to achieve a modern country kitchen
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We know, the biggest element to any kitchen is the cabinetry. But if you’re looking to create a modern country feel to the space, what cabinets do you invest in? They need marry function and form. They need to be traditional but with a modern twist.

If you’re starting from afresh and installing a brand-new kitchen, then Shaker cabinets are the ultimate in timeless design. While pops of colour are certainly a talking point (see below), using various tones of grey as seen in the Anglesey kitchen above by Daniel Scott Kitchens is set to retain the classic design of this kitchen for years to come.

If you’re looking for a quick fix while you save to invest in a kitchen remodel, however, I would highly recommend swapping your handles to a modern brass silhouette, or even consider updating the cabinet doors and keeping the base units.

image credit: style by emily henderson


When we’re looking at colour, although it’s great to look at timeless shades like deep blues, whites and greys – across both tiles, walls, and cabinetry – a way of adding a modern twist is to add a bold injection through your choice of kitchen island.

Emily Henderson revealed her modern country kitchen over on the Style by Emily Henderson blog and it was surprising to see how well this shade of green fit so well with the overall country design.

A strong contender for colour of the year in 2020 in kitchens is dirty mint, according to Bianca of French For Pineapple’s latest trend report. Imagine how stunning a muted mint shade would look with white glossy tiles and Shaker cabinets?!

How to achieve a modern country kitchen
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In a modern country kitchen, you can expect tiles to be both muted in tone and subtle in design. Juxtaposed against the more traditional cabinets, rather than creating a half-wall splashback, use tiles to cover the full wall, creating more of a continuous ‘wallpaper’ effect.

Finishes like gloss subway tiles create a striking contrast to matte cabinets, while white square tiles (these ones from Crown Tiles are perfect, especially when teamed with open wooden shelving) add an even more modern update to a traditional country interior.

How to achieve a modern country kitchen
image credit: lydia elise millen


In terms of storage, a modern country kitchen embraces clutter free surfaces and countertops.

Invest in rustic elements to add a warm cosy vibe to the space. For example, showcase wooden chopping boards, fresh flowers, a burning candle to minimise cooking smells, a stylish blender or mixer, cookware like a Le Creuset oven dish, and marble accessories like a pestle and mortar and glass jars.

One of the prettiest modern country kitchens has to belong to lifestyle and fashion blogger, Lydia Millen, who has been sharing her interior journey on her blog and Instagram.

It’s been incredibly refreshing to hear how Lydia has found her sense of style through trial and error – something we all do but don’t hear enough about online. It seems like everyone has their sense of style perfectly worked out and I’d love to hear more people talk about actually finding their sense of style more often.

If you’re looking to achieve a similar sense of aesthetically pleasing organisation, check out the range of rattan baskets from The Basket Company.

How to achieve a modern country kitchen
Image credit: devol kitchens


Finally, lighting is where the modern element comes into its own. As you can see from the examples highlighted here, pendant lighting in both mid-century and angular designs work incredibly well against the contrasting country setting.

While I wouldn’t class any of these examples as really embracing ‘statement’ lighting, it pays to invest in lighting that is a talking piece of its own but blends seamlessly into the rest of the space. You hardly notice the lights in the above scheme.

Is modern country a style that you’d incorporate into your space? I think the way to make it work for me is to invest in a bold kitchen island and pare the rest of the kitchen back with white shaker cabinets, brass hardware and classic accessories. I’d love to know your thoughts as always as choosing an interior style is so subjective.

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How to achieve a modern country style kitchen

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