Honest thoughts of a 30-something blogger.

“Do people secretly laugh on the inside when I tell them I’m a 32-year-old blogger? Are they thinking I should have a “proper” career by now?”

“How the hell has she got 100k followers and I’ve been blogging for about 100 years and only have 2k? Maybe I should get my tits out too? Actually *looking down at saggy mounds of flesh* maybe I won’t…”

“Why are my eye wrinkles showing on every selfie?! Maybe I shouldn’t smile, it’s making them worse. Where’s the blur tool on this god damn phone?!”

“Receive email. Email is an invite to a pool party. Which means wearing a swimming costume. Are you shitting me? Delete email.”

“Oh great, another event where I walk in and completely lose the ability to form a conversation despite being a 32 year old woman with a successful career, plenty going on in life and a fully functioning mouth.”

“I’m old enough to know better than to buy another copper lantern, marble notebook and pink furry cushion. I’m a walking talking cliché. Kill me now.”

“Are there any actual Youtuber’s out there over the age of 30? I need to watch something other than a bloody luxury handbag reveal!”

“Maybe I should be out doing something, you know, cultural, instead of sitting in my bedroom on my laptop. I’ve reverted back to my 16-year-old self, except minus dial-up internet.”

“Look, that bitch is now on 200k! Are you freaking kidding me?!”

“Is a baby the latest Instagram accessory? Should I have one? Does society think I’m too old to have one now? Does my Aunty think I’m baron, and that’s why I’m yet to procreate? When will this never-ending thought process of a 30 something ever end?”

“Oh sod it, I don’t give a shit anymore. I might write a blog post and see if any other 30-somethings stopped giving a shit too. Might go down well on Twitter.”

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About the author
Victoria is the editor and founder of award-winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. When she's not scouring Pinterest for the latest in home decor inspiration, she's out shopping trying to recreate the looks herself.


  1. Aww Victoria this did make me chuckle!! I'm a 47 year old blogger so you can imagine how I feel 🙂 I think people are laughing at me all the time when I tell them I'm a blogger, even other bloggers!!!! Buy, hey, we love it don't we, and you are certainly good at it, so you keep going girl and here's to not giving a shit!

  2. Ah, loved this! I think your thoughts are exactly what I've thought when receiving some emails! I'd also have all kinds of things about meat companies contacting me when they've not read that I don't eat it any more! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That would really annoy me, just take the time to read my blog quickly before you contact me! Why would you want a delivery of meat?! Thanks for taking the time to comment anyway Natalie x

  3. Haha! LOVE this! Yes yes yes to all this.. apart from the children part. I'd love to tell you it was an amazing experience, but pregnancy and labour were not my friend.lol
    As Steph commented, I often think people laugh when I say I'm a blogger.. and other bloggers too. I kind of don't like the term 'blogger' as I feel I'm not young enough.lol Content Creator or Influencer sounds a lot better. 😉
    More posts like this please! Or a Whats App group to share thoughts.lol :p


    1. I feel like I'm too old for the label "blogger" but then feel a bit of a tool calling myself an "influencer" – maybe I'll be "a girl who writes stuff on the internet" 😉 xx

  4. Yes to all of this – despite me being a '20 something' blogger totally relate to all of this, particularly as there are now 16 year old bloggers out there doing this and having the 200k following you mention – 16 come on why aren't they in parks making bad decisions!?

    Hannah | Granite City Girl

    1. Haha exactly! When I was 16 I was definitely in the park making bad decisions!! It's not an over 30-something I don't think, especially as so many 20-somethings seemed to relate to this too! xx

  5. Ohhh I love this. I wrote a post a few months ago similar to this with a rant about other people, life and blogging too! Isn't it funny how we just tend to stop giving any f*cks around the 30 mark. I'm only 28 but I completely get your attitude.
    Emma xx
    Little Adventure Blog

  6. 35 year old blogger here, slightly relieved I will soon have the "latest instagram accessory" (baby) because I def don't have a swimsuit-friendly body, wrinkle free eyes or even any marble and copper accessories! Bad blogger that I am!
    This was so funny, thank you for the laugh! 🙂 x

  7. Oh Vic, this made me chuckle so much! I'm 28 but can totally relate to some of these. Including the conversation one. I just freeze up sometimes and turn into a mumbling or silent mess ?​

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