Honest Thoughts Of A 30-Something Blogger

Honest thoughts of a 30-something blogger.

“Do people secretly laugh on the inside when I tell them I’m a 32-year-old blogger? Are they thinking I should have a “proper” career by now?”

“How the hell has she got 100k followers and I’ve been blogging for about 100 years and only have 2k? Maybe I should get my tits out too? Actually *looking down at saggy mounds of flesh* maybe I won’t…”

“Why are my eye wrinkles showing on every selfie?! Maybe I shouldn’t smile, it’s making them worse. Where’s the blur tool on this god damn phone?!”

“Receive email. Email is an invite to a pool party. Which means wearing a swimming costume. Are you shitting me? Delete email.”

“Oh great, another event where I walk in and completely lose the ability to form a conversation despite being a 32 year old woman with a successful career, plenty going on in life and a fully functioning mouth.”

“I’m old enough to know better than to buy another copper lantern, marble notebook and pink furry cushion. I’m a walking talking cliché. Kill me now.”

“Are there any actual Youtuber’s out there over the age of 30? I need to watch something other than a bloody luxury handbag reveal!”

“Maybe I should be out doing something, you know, cultural, instead of sitting in my bedroom on my laptop. I’ve reverted back to my 16-year-old self, except minus dial-up internet.”

“Look, that bitch is now on 200k! Are you freaking kidding me?!”

“Is a baby the latest Instagram accessory? Should I have one? Does society think I’m too old to have one now? Does my Aunty think I’m baron, and that’s why I’m yet to procreate? When will this never-ending thought process of a 30 something ever end?”

“Oh sod it, I don’t give a shit anymore. I might write a blog post and see if any other 30-somethings stopped giving a shit too. Might go down well on Twitter.”

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  1. 3.13.17
    Emma Hart said:

    Oh Vic, this made me chuckle so much! I'm 28 but can totally relate to some of these. Including the conversation one. I just freeze up sometimes and turn into a mumbling or silent mess ?​