Stylish Decorating Ideas For Stairs & Hallways

If you’ve clicked through to discover stylish decorating ideas for stairs and hallways, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re working with a two-up, two-down terrace with a narrow hallway, or a palatial mansion with ample of space, you want the entrance of your home to give a great first impression right?

As soon as someone enters your home, they can get a sense of your style instantly, giving an indication of what you’re like as a person. Clutter everywhere? They might think you’re a little scatty. Shoes perfectly lined up in a row? A neat freak.

Decorating Ideas For Stairs & Hallways

Obviously the very first impression lies in your front door, so give it a lick of paint and invest in some stylish hardware such as a brass door knocker and matching letterbox. You’ll be surprised how many people notice a great looking front door – or perhaps that’s just me?


Once you’ve stepped into the house, the magic really happens. First of all, clear any clutter away, especially if you’ve got a small hallway. Hang coats up and put shoes away in storage racks or cupboards.

Clever storage solutions don’t have to be dull though; the purpose of a hallway is to be functional so embrace this and look for stylish options such as ornate hooks for the wall, or a console table with shoe storage underneath.

You could even a wire basket to the side to store umbrellas in and make a spot for keys/dog lead etc – I love this gold wire basket from H&M Home.

Staircase Decorating Ideas

The staircase is the focal point of any hallway (unless you live in a bungalow, and if so I’d skip to the next paragraph) so I’ve included a few staircase decorating ideas into this post so you can see you don’t have to settle for a boring route up to the second floor.

decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

Using Colour

One idea I love is to liven up your space with a pop of colour on the stairs. This could mean, either painting the staircase risers in one shade, or even varying shades (imagine an ombre effect), or going the whole way and installing a colourful staircase – this works particularly well in a modern home, with contemporary décor.

Adding Tiles

Another great idea is to tile the staircase risers, which you can see below, with walnut woodwork to compliment the blue and white design. This is perfect for a bohemian home and is a great, easy, budget DIY.




Create A Gallery Wall

One sure fire way to add personality to your hallway is to add artwork to the walls. I’ve written a post previously about how to choose artwork for your home, but also think about adding oversized prints to the hallways walls to see as soon as you enter the front door.

Add Plants

Finally, stylish indoor plants are a great way to add a decorative edge if you’re looking for easy hall decorating ideas. Moreover, if you’re searching for decorating ideas for small hallways and stairs, look to petite potted plants on windowsills (Ikea, Rose & Grey, and Homesense are great for plant pots), or on a corner table perhaps, creating an eye-catching vignette. What’s more, you can swap and change as the seasons change to give a new feel to the room.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on decorating, what is probably, the most neglected room in the house. With a few simple changes, you can create a great first impression as soon as guests come through the front door.

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