Should you hire a tradesman or do it yourself?

Should You Hire A Tradesman or Do It Yourself?

With the advent of magazines and television shows touting the adventures of doing home repairs yourself, you may be asking yourself the question as to whether or not you can complete a remodelling project on your own.

We will provide you with some tips to help you discern whether or not you should hire a tradesman to do the work.

Evaluate Your Expertise

One of the first things you’ll need to evaluate is whether your skills match up with the job in question. This is particularly important if you are doing work on a home that you are expecting to sell to a prospective buyer, as your workmanship will need to impress those who are real estate shopping. If your project is something that does not need a professional finish and is something simply done for fun, you may be able to proceed with it on your own.

Evaluate the Risk

Certain tasks are best left to the experts, and these include electrical work, plumbing, and roofing. While it may be tempting to delve into your home’s electrical wiring yourself, you run the risk of doing damage to your person, and of potentially hooking something up wrong. Wiring your home badly could cause problems with sensitive electrical appliances like your home entertainment system, and faulty wiring could even cause your house to catch fire.

If your plumbing is done incorrectly, it could lead to leaking and severe water damage, and you could also end up with your house flooded. It is also possible to scald yourself with hot water if you install the plumbing on the hot water side improperly, and you can flood your yard if your water main installation is fitted incorrectly. In addition, badly installed sewage pipes can cause clogging that can lead to sewage backing up into the drain.

Problems like a poor roofing job can cause leaking and subsequent water damage. There is always the possibility that you could fall off your roof, putting you in danger of severe injury or even death. It is advised that you seek the assistance of a professional to help with these jobs, as they could be extremely hazardous for you to attempt on your own.

Tips for Hiring a Tradesman

Doing your research ahead of time can save you valuable time and money, and it can help you to find someone who is trustworthy. Below are some tips for what to look for in your hired help.

Make Sure They’re Insured

Insurance is available for workers from a variety of trades that include appliance installation, carpet cleaning, glazing, electrical, HVAC, photography, and more. Tradesman insurance coverage can protect all parties from problems that occur with the contract, and it can also cover costs that arise if damage should occur to your property. It can also protect the workers’ tools so that you won’t be liable for anything that happens to their items while on your property. A skilled worker who is of good reputation will have tradesman insurance.

Do Your Prep Work

Have your plans ready to go over with your tradesman ahead of time. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you are looking to accomplish and communicate this as precisely as you can with your hired worker. Check with your local governmental agency to find out what permits you will be needed, and be sure to secure them.

Work with someone whose services have been reviewed favourably online by satisfied customers, and preferably hire someone who offers a guarantee. Also, you can ask to see a portfolio of completed work that they have performed on behalf of other clients.

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