Girl Bosses Who Are Killing It – Part Two


I’ve been excited to write this post for a while now, and seen as I’m looking for inspiration on a pretty much hourly basis at the moment, I thought I’d take today to sit and write about three girl bosses who are absolutely slaying the game right now. Sorry. I’m 32, I shouldn’t even know the word “slaying”, never mind actually use it in a blog post.

But these girls are inspiration personified to me, and what better time to put together this post than at the start of the year when motivation, inspiration and general giving yourself a kick up the ass is high on most people’s priorities. Plus, part one of this series (click here to read) went down like a storm so if it ain’t broke don’t try fix it.

Let’s start with this little beauty above – Ashley Brooke. Ashley is a Youtuber I discovered earlier last year and in a short amount of time she’s already attracted over 130,000 subscribers. And I’m not surprised in the slightest. Totally relatable, but with just the right amount of envy-inducing lifestyle (living in New York with her cutie pie boyfriend Ryan), Ashley creates inspirational videos weekly, ranging how How To Style videos to vlogs covering her day to day NYC life. She’s a huge fan of Zara and Forever 21 which in turn makes me a huge fan of hers.

But it doesn’t stop there.

She also founded a company called Life By Her, which is a monthly lookbook sent to subscribers with 31 outfits ideas including shoppable links so you can get the outfit right there and then – plus everything’s from the high street, which is such a refreshing change from the current trend for designer handbags, designer face cream, designer bog roll etc.

It’s crazy how getting to know someone, albeit virtually through Youtube, can make such an impact on your life. Seeing how hard Ashley works and what she’s achieved got me thinking late last year about an idea I had stored away, and I’ve decided this is the year I’m going to turn it into a reality. I wish I could say more, but come summer I’ll hopefully have something to share. And that’s what I look for in a fellow girl boss – someone who inspires you to better yourself.


Secondly we have the Blogging Queen of the North (in my eyes), Ms Megan Ellaby. I’ve followed Megan for years now over on her blog Pages by Megan, and it’s amazing seeing how hard work can pay off in the way it’s done for this little beauty.

Based in Manchester, Megan has such an amazing sense of personal style, both in terms of fashion and interiors. You only have to take a look at her exposed brick work and reclaimed wooden furniture to fall in love with her city centre flat. But her wardrobe – what can I say apart from swoooooon? Combining that effortless 60s vibe with a little dollop of 70s, 80s and 90s thrown in for good measure, this girl has nailed her signature style.

Why is she on my Girl Boss list?

Because in the last year she’s not only won two major awards for Instyle magazine and Cosmopolitan magazine, she’s become the face of various campaigns including GAP, launched an amazing Youtube channel AND she’s just signed to management company Gleam. And you know what happens when bloggers sign to Gleam? They sky rocket people! And all this is because she continually works her arse off to get there. It just shows you what can happen if you push yourself and it gives us northern bloggers a glimmer of hope that not everyone has to be based in London to be successful.


Lastly we have someone you’ll know and no doubt love. Kate aka Kate La Vie. A favourite of mine since the early Gh0stparties days (before her blog was renamed), Kate has always been that one blogger who created the most amazing photography and I knew instantly I could trust her opinion on products she reviewed.

She’s like the girl next door who you’re dying to become friends with so you can invite yourself in and have a nosey around her insane flat. Let me tell you, as an interiors blogger, this girl has inspired me so much more than any book or magazine I’ve read. Her sense of what works together is spot on and she creates the prettiest vignettes around her flat.

Running both a blog and a webshop selling stationery bits and bobs, Kate really seems to have come into her own this past year finding her place on Youtube and diversifying her content across the board – girl it’s so nice to see you posting pictures of yourself finally. Seeing her work continually pushes me to up my photography game, helping me to see what things that work and what things don’t.

So there you have it, three girls who, right now, are totally inspiring me to work harder, to create more exciting content and to turn my ideas into reality. Who’s inspiring you at the moment? I’d love to know as I’m always looking for new #girlbosses to follow.

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  1. 1.7.17

    Such a great post Victoria! I was looking for some new inspiration and these ladies have it in bucket loads. I already love Megan's blog but can't wait to get stuck into Ashley and Kate's channels too 🙂

    Emma |