Four easy ways to add glamour to your outfit

It isn’t always the sparkly dresses that catch the eye, and not every party requires a full on ball gown and evening gloves. So,
what do you do when you need to add that festive sparkle to a simple outfit? Perhaps you’re leaving the office for Christmas drinks and you need to add a little something to your outfit. There are several easy ways to go about it, so today I’ve brought you four easy ways to add glamour to your party outfit.

Make a statement with accessories

Your shoes and handbag are the finishing touches to every outfit, so it makes perfect sense to go heavy on the impact with them if the rest of you’re going for understated elegance elsewhere. If you’ve opted for all black, think bright pink or cobalt blue to add a hit of colour, and match it with a lipstick or eyeshadow so that the theme continues from head to toe.

If you’re more into your glitter though, there is no better time to pick up matching handbags; whether it’s yellow or rose gold, or a silver hint of colour already on your outfit, match the shoes and bag to it to lift those metallic highlights.

Layer your jewellery

Layering is a huge trend right now, and is a fantastic way of adding some more dimension to your ensemble. Instead of going for the traditional single chain and pendant, try using different chain lengths and slightly different colours, such as silver chains
matched with gunmetal necklaces, or rose and yellow golds, ChloBo, the luxury jewellery retailer, has created a collection that perfectly achieve this look. Why not check out their Boho Luxe range, where there are different types of metals, textures and pendants that will help to create a truly statement piece, and one that’s sure to bring any outfit to life. They also have a wide selection of charms, so you can make your bracelet completely unique to you, whilst layering them to complement your glittering neckline.


Add a collar

Speaking of necklines, necklaces aren’t the only way to add a touch of glam. If your dress or top has a rounded neck, add an attachable collar and pick up the colour in other areas of your outfit. For example, match a warm red faux fur collar with an oxblood red handbag and matching belt. Or instead, opt for a sequined collar and wear matching heels. If you have a plunging neckline for an evening dress, you can still join in with the collar trend by going for jewellery instead, with thick chokers or chunky gemstones.


Shawl or cape?

Finally, nothing says ‘Hollywood red carpet’ quite like a luxurious fur-lined cape, so swap the usual shawl for one of these to add warmth as well as style. You’ll find dozens of different designs in every high street shop, from blush pinks to chocolate browns and panther blacks, so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your outfit. What did you think of this post? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.


*Post in partnership with ChloBo | Image Credit: Fashion Me Now

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