If  and when motivation is lacking, whether it be blogging, looking to spruce up my home or even creating a print, then one of the first things I’ll do is log on to Pinterest. When Pinterest was first launched I couldn’t believe how a simple idea could become so addictive. I have 43 boards, spanning food recipes, through to quotes I love and colours which make me happy. I pin everything and anything. When I got white sofas and didn’t know how to style them, Pinterest was the first place I went for inspiration.

So this morning I wanted to put together a list of some of my favourite pinners, starting with the gorgeous Sarah Sherman Samuel. A fellow blogger – but waaayyyy more stylish – Sarah pins everything from fashion through to interiors. But it’s the latter that always catches my eye. Simple colour palettes and texture upon texture, her home pins always get my interior brain ticking.

For gift wrapping and party inspiration, head over to A Subtle Reverly – full of arts and craft style posts, this is DIY for the everyday kind of girl. And with nearly 60,000 followers, it’s clear to see there are a lot of people sitting under this category. How cool is this polaroid wrapping paper idea? Watch this space for hand painted plates by the way guys, it’s one thing I keep planning on doing one free weekend.

Of course one person I couldn’t miss from this list is Bri Emery, the founder of DESIGNLOVEFEST. One of my favourite pinners, Bri’s board are inspirational from the get-go. If you haven’t checked out DESIGNLOVEFEST then first of all, what planet have you been living on, and secondly when you do make sure you check out the collection of free desktop backgrounds for your tablets, phones and laptops. All created by Bri, you can see where her design process starts from by checking out her Pinterest here.

For wanderlust-inducing pins, head straight over to Gary Pepper Girl’s Pinterest. This blogger is fortunate enough to travel around the world and there are enough amazing pictures here to make me want to jack in work and go exploring far flung destinations. Apart from needing a photographer boyfriend and model looks, I think I’d be pretty OK hopping from one country to the other, blogging about my adventures.

Food lovers amongst us will love Glitter Guide. OK, so anyone who loves pretty things will love this Pinterest but their food boards are amazing. With recipes and ideas of what to cook when entertaining, there are so many images of deliciousness. I especially love these little polka dot cheesecakes, enough to hand out at party’s as an afters. And while you’re on Glitter Guide, make sure you check out all their other pins – get ready to be inspired.

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