One of my all-time favourite interior designers has to be Kelly Hoppen, with her luxe approach to colour palettes, textures and furniture. I have her book, Design Masterclass, which sits firmly on my sideboard to look through on a Sunday afternoon, so when the team over at Redbrick Mill contacted me to say Hoppen was there this Friday for an exclusive book signing for Design Masterclass and asked did I want five minutes prior to this, the only answer was hell to the yes. 

Can you
tell Apartment Number 4 readers Design Masterclass is all about?

Masterclass is like an interior design guide for anyone who wants to try their
own hand at home design. I have taken my decades of experience and put it  into the book 
– it is like taking a Kelly Hoppen course.

In terms
of design, how would you sum up your signature style?

My style is
classic, elegant and simple and I love using neutrals to help achieve this. I
like clean lines and symmetry that bring balance and harmony to an interior. I
am highly influenced by Eastern philosophy and think my style is a lot about
feeling and not just a look.

room in your house do you feel the most relaxed in?

my bedroom. It is like my own sanctuary and safe haven where I have my most
luxurious pieces. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Is there
a hotel/space/restaurant in the UK which you feel drawn to because of its
amazing interiors?

House in London

next for the Kelly Hoppen brand?

There are so
many exciting things in the pipeline – my mind is always buzzing with new ideas.
I definitely plan to have more stores in the UK and expand my collection with
innovative designs and products.

And finally,
what advice can you give to someone who is just starting out in their
career as an interior stylist?

Believe in
yourself and in your vision and don’t follow trends for the sake of it. By
being true to yourself you can create your own signature style that people will
love. Also, learn how to build relationships with your clients, this way you
can understand them and what they want which will help you do a better job
every time.

Kelly Hoppen will be at Redbrick Mill, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 6JF between 4-7pm on Friday 14th May 2015. 

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