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Health & Fitness Online Resources

Here’s a little insight into my personality. If I discover something I like – I mean really like – I become obsessed with it. Whether it be watching a complete box-set in one sitting, or reading through the whole back catalogue of a blogger I’ve just found, it kinda’ takes over my life…for a couple of days at least.

This is what seems to have happened after reading a book I bought recently called The Healthy Life. If you’re a regular reader of Apartment Number 4, you’ll know I wrote this post a couple of month back and since then, I’ve become obsessed with discovering more about clean eating, making fitness changes, finding Youtubers who are advocates of a clean lifestyle – basically, anything I can get my paws on remotely linked to leading a better life.

OK, so I’m not saying I’m necessarily following all this advice. I’d even go as far as to admit I’m partial to researching paleo recipes whilst eating a fish finger sandwich. But it’s all about small steps people, and having already made changes such as swapping my cows milk for almond milk, having aloe vera juice on a morning and starting the day with hot lemon water to kick start my digestive system, I’m already feeling cleaner inside.

I’m like a broken record right now talking about my new crush Jessica Sepel, author of The Healthy Life, how excited I am to start yoga properly and how fab my clean pancakes are. Even I want to tell me to shut up. So instead of inflicting any more on my poor friends, I thought I’d share with you five of my favourite health and fitness resources I’ve discovered recently.

Tone It Up

These two mega babes above are Karena and Katrina, the brains and beauty behind fitness concept Tone It Up. I say concept because these girls are a brand within themselves, offering workout videos, recipes, advice, clothing, books – basically everything to help you be the best version of yourself. I’ve been following their Youtube videos at home and mixed with cardio (say a 40 minute fast walk around the block), it’s a great way of saving money on the gym. I’ve just cancelled my gym membership as I’m really trying to cut back on things that aren’t a necessity to save for a mortgage, and this is the perfect way to still work on my body.


A Couple Cooks

If a blog has beautiful photography then it pretty much has me hooked from the get go. A Couple Cooks is a gorgeous food blog written by lovebirds Sonja and Alex, who believe in real, honest, good food. Split across breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner there are hundreds of recipes to choose from – including this chai waffles with berry compote idea which it dairy free and looks totally delicious. Sometimes I just come on to this blog to gaze at the crisp, inviting – and mostly mouth watering – photography, but I do have  plans to rustle up some goodness this coming weekend.


Carly Rowena

I actually discovered fitness blogger Carly through one of my favourite bloggers, Victoria of In The Frow. She’d mentioned Carly a couple of times in her vlogs and I thought it was about time I checked out Carly’s blog and Youtube channel. And I’m so glad I did. Not only does she seem super nice in her videos, her attitude to health and fitness is so positive and inspiring. Working full-time as a personal trainer, Carly definitely knows what she’s talking about and I’m always interested to see her team up with other bloggers and track their progress. Definitely, one to check out if you like weekly vlogs.


Eat Yourself Skinny

Founded in 2011 by Kelly Gellner, this website is a great resource for healthy, clean recipes which are easy to make and don’t really need masses of unheard of and hard to find ingredients. I recently made the Lemon Chicken (above) after a recommendation by my bestie and my god, this is tasty. I had it with roasted broccoli, sweet potato wedges and some asparagus, with the leftover garlicy-lemony sauce drizzled over the top. Heaven. This is definitely one recipe I’ll be making again. Next on the menu are these banana breakfast muffins.


Natasha Oakley

Fashion blogger and bikini entrepreneur Natasha Oakely isn’t so much a health and fitness resource, but more a complete beach bod inspiration. When I’m feeling totally unmotivated to get my arse out of bed and to move, I take a look at Natasha’s Instagram feed or her blog, A Bikini A Day, and it makes something click in my head. I’m one of the most unmotivated people I know when it comes to exercising and even though I hate moving my body, I know that once I do it, I’ll feel loads better. Plus if it helps me get even close to the buns in the sun as this babe, then I’ve just gotta suck it up and break out a sweat.

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  1. 3.15.17
    Emma Hart said:

    Thank you for this post Vic! It's giving me serious inspiration to just get on it with the healthy living. I don't eat too bad but the exercise is like non existent at the moment. Great to see that there are some good, inspirational resources out there that will probably give me the kick up the bum I need!