It’s not very often I’ll sit down and do a book review for my blog, but I’ve accumulated so many great reads over the last month that I wanted to let you know why I love each one. I’ve said previously how much I struggle with finding the time to sit down with a book but this is why I’m such a fan of the five above – you can dip in and out whenever you like without losing track and struggling to pick a story up again. Plus they all look super pretty as coffee table books, which is a big selling point to me when I’m looking for a new read. Scrap all that crap about not judging a book by its cover – I’m Queen of Judging.

The 52 Lists Project

OK, so this is more of a “work” book than a reading book, but anything to do with writing lists catches my interest instantly. I first spotted this book over in New York and regretted not buying it on the 7 hour flight home. When I saw it again in Oliver Bonas in London, I snapped it up. It’s basically 52 lists, so a list a week, that are designed to help you discover the beauty, joy, creativity and power you already have in your life. I’m a list maker. I get that from my mum. I could spend hours writing to-do lists, to-buy lists, to-pay lists – the latter one, not so much so, but you get my drift. Split into seasons, this is a great way to sit down and really concentrate on what you have right now, at this moment, but also what you want to achieve in the future. There’s a list of your happiest moments of your life so far, through to listing your dream trips and your top twenty girl boss songs. Buy The 52 Lists Project here.

Capture Your Style

I’d say this book was one of the most Instagrammed/Tweeted/Snapchatted presents of Christmas just gone. Penned by blogger extraordinaire Aimee Song, creator of Song of Style, this book is designed to help you transform your Instagram game. If, like me, you worry about whether the latest pic you’ve just posted matches your feed, or if you’re lacking inspiration when it comes to gathering pictures to put up, this book covers every topic about the world’s fastest growing social media platform. My favourite discovery was learning to tell a story with your grid, instead of posting random pictures here and there. When I was in New York, I really tried to do this, and of course it’s easy when you’re in a spot with so many great potential snaps, but when you’re in the house with no plans for the weekend it can get a little tougher. This book, however, taught me how to overcome that and really work on my insta-game. I’m currently on just over 2k followers and I’d love to reach 3k by the end of this year. Buy Capture Your Style here.

How To Style Your Brand

Although I haven’t finished this book yet, it’s definitely one I wanted to include especially as “working on my brand” (that sounds totally wankish) is something I’d love to do this year. It’s designed to walk you through every step of finding your focus to creating an inspirational vision, understanding colour and looking at how even the smallest of design details can make your blog or business a great one. I’m a total geek with it comes to branding and fonts, so this book is the perfect Sunday afternoon read. The book even goes into different seasons and how you can alter your branding for winter, spring, summer and Autumn with little tweaks and the use of certain words when you’re writing about a product or a post on social media. Definitely worth the money if re-branding is something you’re considering this year. Buy How To Style Your Brand here.

Decorate for a Party

I actually picked this up in the New Year Anthropologie sale and I’m so glad I did. I’m a huge fan of Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, having previously bought their Decorate with Flowers book. So I was super surprised I didn’t know Decorate for a Party had even been released. Split into ten different party themes, from New + Romantic to Sparkle + Shine, there’s a party style for everyone. As expected the imagery in this book is nothing but inspirational, and it really does go into so much detail about creating a winning atmosphere, from the playlist to colour palettes, which season to throw the party theme in and what elements you’ll need (vintage china, rosemary sprigs and infused water all come together for the Pure + Simple dinner party, for example). Definitely a book worth buying for the images alone. All I need to do now is actually throw a party. Buy Decorate for a Party here.

House of Plants

Finally, we have a book that couldn’t be any more fitting for the green movement that’s taking place right now in interiors. House of Plants is dedicated to all things greenery, and with sales of Ikea cacti going through the roof and the #UrbanJungle hashtag showcasing a group of extremely talented green fingered ladies, I thought this would be a good book to add to the list. As I have zero garden space up in my top floor flat, house plants are something I buy more frequently in the warmer months to add freshness to my home. This books covers everything from which plants to buy, to how you can best look after them and simple DIY projects and styling ideas to work said plants into your current space. It shows you ideas such as how to create your terrarium and which container is right for your plant. It’s basically a green gals dream, and the perfect birthday present if you ask me. Buy House of Plants here.

So there you have it – five books that are occupying my bedside table right now. I’m sticking to my goal of listening to one new Audible a month, listening to The Secret last month and I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk this month, but I’m always looking for new coffee table books to add to my Amazon wish list so please do send over any suggestions.

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