If you were to ask me if I’m a fake or real girl, I’ll be honest. I’m fake all the way. I like huge fake ones. Get your head out of the gutter, I mean flowers. My house is filled with faux florals for a number of reasons. One, I love how gorgeous real flowers look, but it’s pretty rubbish when you have hay-fever. Also two, my cats like to eat everything in sight and knowing my luck, I’d buy the most poisonous.

Long gone are the days of of tatty looking fake flowers – as you can see from these beauties I picked up from Homesense recently. I basically spent a small fortune in their new Flower Market, which has everything from gorgeous vases to huge pink peonies. I decided to go with the latter, mixed with white peonies, some baby’s breath and greenery to brighten it up.

I didn’t really need another vase to add to my already huge collection, but I couldn’t help buying this ceramic jug with a beautiful 3D jacquard pattern on it. It goes perfectly on my bedside table and really adds some colour to my monochrome bedroom. I think the tip with faux flowers is to present them well, spritz a little floral scent on there to perfume the room and create a pretty vignette on your coffee table or sideboard. Do you like my little bunch?

Are you a fan of fake flowers? Definitely, pop into Homesense to check out the new Flower Market if you get a chance, I can almost promise you won’t leave empty-handed.

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  1. 3.1.16

    Gorgeous flowers! I'm definitely going to be having a looking at Homesense after your recommendation.