Having been to New York before, I’ve done pretty much most of the big tourist things – Statue of Liberty, visited the 9/11 memorial (completely overwhelming and heartbreaking but a must visit), Empire State Building, Times Square for News Year Eve, shopped on 5th Avenue and walked around Central Park with a huge pretzel. So when I return in September for my friends wedding, I plan on filling my week with some more “New Yorker” kind of things.

This city is such an amazing place, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t left feeling excited, inspired and wanting to move there immediately. I know I certainly did. It’s got a buzz about it that’s not felt anywhere else – not for me anyway. It’s such an inspiring place, with so much to take in, I’m not sure we’ll have enough time in six days to even get through this list, but I’m damn well gonna’ try y’all.

I want to wander off the beaten track, discover neighbourhoods I didn’t realise were there, eat new foods, meet new people, and more importantly, watch my friends exchange wedding vows in the most amazing setting.

With that said, here are eight memories I’d love to be able to tick off my New York bucket list this coming September – nothing like early planning hey.

Walk The Highline

I find this park, set up on an old railway line 30ft above ground level, absolutely fascinating. To be surrounded by trees, flowers and blue skies, whilst below you a city that never sleeps – I mean come on, it’s a must-see right? Especially early morning as the sun rises over the Hudson river.

Ride the Staten Island Ferry

OK, so this one might require some layers, but I plan on taking the ferry over to Staten Island, which is a completely free, 24 hours a day way of taking some amazing pictures of the Manhattan skyline. Even if you just ride there and back (which takes about 25 mins both ways), you’re sure to be able to take in some breathtaking sights – just avoid it at rush hour, where I’ve read it’s cram-central.

Sip Cocktails on a Rooftop Bar

Without revealing too many details of my friends wedding, I can say the reception is going to be at an amazing rooftop terrace, with a view to kill. One of my must-do’s on my 31 Things list this year was to sip cocktails somewhere high up in the sky, and I can’t wait to be glammed up in my finest, champagne in hand, watching the sun go down over the city. I’m getting giddy just writing this.

Eggs for Brunch

One morning I’d love to head over to Soho and try out the Egg Shop for brunch, recommended by one of my favourite bloggers, Kate La Vie (how many times do I mention this girl, seriously). Not only am I a major egg fan anyway, but from the pictures I’ve seen it’s pretty damn Instagrammable. Having already taken a look at the menu – does anyone else do that? – I might be quite partial to the Benedict or perhaps Avo & Egg. (Image credit)


Discover Dumb

Even though we’re staying right off Times Square in the Paramount Hotel, which is basically an interior lovers dream, I want to ride the subway over to Brooklyn and see the more artisan, laid-back neighbourhood that is Dumbo. Located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, it provides some gorgeous photo opportunities – and having already started saving for a brand new camera (I’m thinking the Olympus Pen for a lightweight travel option), you can bet there’ll be plenty of those coming your way when I return.

Magnolia Bakery

Ok, so this might be a huge New York cliche but having spent most of my early 20’s thinking I actually was Carrie Bradshaw, enjoying a huge cupcake at Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street is up there on my New York bucket list. And  if eating the whole of the city isn’t your thing like it seems to be mine, stopping by Bleecker Street might still be worthwhile – even if it’s just to pop into Bookmarc, a coffee table book store under the Marc Jacobs retail umbrella.

People Watch at Chelsea Market

With so many places to eat, shop and grab coffee, Chelsea Market provides the ideal people watching spot and I can’t wait to wander the aisles, trying to find Donuttery – donut heaven according to the locals. Plus, discovering the gems of the Meatpacking district where the market is located, is my idea of the perfect NYC afternoon.

Get a Lil’ Interior Inspiration

Although I don’t really like to spend time shopping when I go away travelling – girl you can shop any time, day or night, on the internet, why waste your time in a city with so much more to discover – I do want to take the chance to visit some interior stores whilst I’m out there. Anthropologie may be getting a visit, as may Muji’s Cooper Square store. ABC Carpet & Home is one to catch, while DwellStudio certainly looks like my cup of tea.

So these are just eight of the things from my New York City bucket list I want to tick off, hopefully all within the six days we’re there for. If you have any recommendations I’d love to know – is there anything off the beaten track which you’d suggest I try and fit in?

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Victoria is the editor and founder of award-winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. When she's not scouring Pinterest for the latest in home decor inspiration, she's out shopping trying to recreate the looks herself.

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  1. Yes I think you should go to bluestone lane cafe in Greenwich village for the best pumpkin pancakes, there's also the spotted pig in Greenwich village also! There are few interiør shops in Chelsea, definitely go to the new Barneys and snap the spiral stairs, as well as the flower market. You must have brunch at Sarabeths (mind the queues) and jacks wife Freda! I've detailed a few on my blog http://www.similindgren.blogspot.com if you search under travel, have fun X

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