I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed putting this post together. One, because it allowed me to flex my styling “skills” and two, it’s Christmas themed – seriously, like two of my favourite things ever.

So as you can guess by the title, today I wanted to show you how I would dress my table for the festive season. I actually worked in partnership with Heart of House for this post. You might recognise the name as it’s one of the main concessions within Argos, but they also have their own website where you can view their furniture, homeware and accessories. Anyway, the brand asked me to put together a festive table design, and although you’d normally think of red, green, gold or silver, I wanted to go for less traditional style.

My living room and dining room are as one, so I wanted something which matched the rest of the decor – primarily the huge blue sofa I have. I’m also collect a little blue and white pottery, so decided to utilise everything I already had instead of going out and buying everything brand new.

Heart of House, however, were kind enough to send me some pieces of their homeware collection, which included a beautiful twelve piece porcelain gold rim dining set. As you can see from the pictures, it’s absolutely timeless and definitely one I’ll get out for special occasions, like when the Queen comes to visit. They also very kindly sent over a 24 piece cutlery set, 4 champagne flutes and some classic wine glasses, all of which worked together to create my festive table setting.

I also wanted to showcase some other bits that I’ve picked up recently, including this gold pepper mill from Rose & Grey, my Ralph Lauren cotton napkins, some gold rim vintage-inspired glasses and a new blue and white table runner, both from Homesense.

Throw in some crackers from Asda, some gypsyphilia in my old blue and white ginger jars, my charity shop candle sticks and it all came together perfectly. It might not be the most traditional Christmas table setting, but it definitely reflects my personal style and I think if you took away the clementines and crackers, it could be the perfect dinner party setting any month of the year.

 Thank you so much to Heart of House for gifting me with these beautiful bits, and giving me the challenge of styling this post. I’ve been planning this for weeks and I made sure today was free so I could finally put it all together. I hope this has inspired you in some way and if so, be sure to leave me a comment. Have a great Saturday evening whatever you’re doing.

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