Discovering Your Purpose (& My Experience Of Working With A Life Coach)

I’m not entirely sure why I’ve found this blog post so difficult to write. I’ve originally started this draft back in October when I was in LA, sat on the pier watching the surfers. But the surfers won the battle of concentration and I put my notepad away. I tried again on the flight home, but alas, I still couldn’t find the right words to begin.

You’ll have noticed if you’ve been following my work for a while that over the last year or so my content has taken a slight shift.

Yes, there’s been the usual hit of pretty interiors but as my passion for learning more about manifestation and sharing my knowledge and experience took over my day to day life, it became the thing that truly lit me up. Teaching others and seeing them really embrace the magic of the universe and their own powers, lit some kind of fire in my belly I had no idea was there.

But this journey really started back in August when I saw an Instagram story from Sophie Cliff asking for three case studies to work with over a 6-week period as she began her career as a life coach.

Funnily enough, back in June after months of feeling a complete lack of direction with my career (at the time I blamed Mercury being in Retrograde like all typical woo heads like to do), I had asked the universe for the chance to work with a life coach. I’d mentioned it to friends and I’d even written it down on my list of things to manifest this year.

To cut a long story short, I applied, and Sophie replied to say she’d love to work together. Weirdly enough, I was down on her list of dream clients to work with, so the universe certainly did work her magic on this one.

On our first call, I remember distinctly saying to Sophie, I’m just not sure people will want to read about the power of manifestation from me. Let’s face it, we live in the UK – known for its cynicism – and a lot of people think it’s a load of crap. Which I totally get. I used to be that person.

I explained that I’d worked so hard for the last ten years to become known within the interior design industry, that to pivot in any way – especially when this business is my full-time source of income – felt incredibly scary. The kind of scary that keeps you awake at night.

We spent our time chatting about how I’ve evolved as a content creator, how my passions have changed and developed. Having the actual business ideas has never been the problem for me. I’ve got notebooks full of crazy ideas, draft blog posts and new ways to potentially reach new people.

But it was the lack of confidence to drive forward with those ideas which had been hindering my growth.

I completely underestimated my ability, knowledge and trusting audience I’d built over the years. But with Sophie’s help, I’d started to unravel this, and within one week of speaking, I began embracing my love of manifestation, a positive mindset and spirituality…openly.  

I think so often, we drive through our lives on the back of other people – following opinions from friends and family rather than our own instinct, thinking we have to do what society expects from us. I was so caught up in what other people would say about my career pivot, that I let it stop me from truly following my heart for such a long time.

Discovering your purpose isn’t just about giving up a day job to help others less fortunate. People can get confused with the meaning behind ‘purpose’. You could be working in a shop, helping people find outfits that they feel amazing in. And if that lights you up, then you’ve found your purpose.

Doing something you love and feeling truly happy is your purpose.

It’s about waking up each morning with a direction. With a deep feeling on contentment in your heart. But how to do you find out what your purpose it?

Start by asking yourself this. If there were no limitations in your life – no financial responsibilities and no chance of failure – how would you be spending your days, weeks, months? If you think about yourself 10 years down the line doing what you’re doing right now, and you feel anything less than happy, let me tell you this, you’re not serving your souls purpose.

Journalling was a great tool to help me discover this. If you’d have asked me a year ago, whether I wanted to teach and support people, I’d have laughed. Not because I’m not capable, but because I genuinely thought I was meant to write about home décor for the rest of my days.

But taking a second to come off my default setting – getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep, getting up – helped me realise my passion and drive had changed.

I wanted to customise my default setting and make it suit the kind of lifestyle I dreamt about.

Perhaps you don’t want to work a 9-5 because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle and you need something more fluid. Personally, I want to work on my business from 10am until 3pm because those are my peak productivity hours. A typical 9-5 doesn’t have to be your default setting if it doesn’t work internally for you.

When you’re truly aligned to something, when you finally work out what your purpose is and what makes you happy, the universe has a funny old way of conspiring to make things come together. Which is exactly what happened when I made the decision to trust my gut, and make every decision moving forward a heart-led decision.

I wrote a blog post that went viral. I launched an event that sold out in 4 days. I launched my Manifestation Mastery coaching programme and signed three clients almost instantly. I’ve just launched the most amazing 2-week course – Abundance Academy – sharing everything I know about attracting more money and opportunities into your life.

And this has all happened in less than 3 months because I became truly aligned with my purpose and followed my gut instead of listening to others. Because trust me, others weren’t so keen on me making this transition.

If you’re struggling right now with what your next step is in life, perhaps take some time to switch off from the world for 30 minutes and ask yourself the questions above. And remember, don’t succeed in doing something you hate – fail and learn at doing something you love.

If you’re looking to work with a life coach, I can highly recommend Sophie Cliff aka The Joyful Coach. This isn’t an advert of any sorts, I just wanted to write about my experience in the hope that it might help others. Find out more details on her coaching packages here and don’t forget to listen to our recent podcast we recorded together about our client/coach experience.

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  1. 11.4.19
    Anna said:

    This could not be more timely for me Victoria, as it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that my current job is never going to bring me joy or fulfilment. My problem is that what I genuinely really want to do, write novels while also running a small farm with bed and breakfast cottages (!) is something which will take years of transitioning, even if I have all the luck in bringing it about! In the meantime I just don’t know what to ask the universe for to help me move between the two, or what kind of job to even start to look for! Any advice?
    And can I say, having followed you for years, although I loved your interiors stuff, I have never seen you so passionate and excited about life as now, and it is awesome. So very happy for you xxx