I know this post is super late but I really wanted to get my December Goals in for the new month before the 2nd arrives. Life has been so busy lately I’ve not had time to sit and think about much, never mind work on my November goals but here’s a little round-up regardless.

 I’ve continued going to Slimming World and lost 13lbs so far (although the last two days have been a nightmare calorie-wise), I’ve bought all my Christmas presents bar one final one for my niece Matilda and I’ve started to plan my work space make-over. I haven’t bought my side table for my living room yet, but that’s only because I really want a new car in February so all my spare cash in going into t0 my savings pot.

Now for December, I really don’t want to make too many goals other than enjoying Christmas but here are a few little things to see me through the month…

Organisation is Key

Work is about to get absolutely crazy and I’m currently planning and styling three big photoshoots this month – one for childrenswear, one womenswear and one menswear. It’s the first time I’m styling a kids shoot but I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to see the results. Fingers crossed I can execute my ideas the way I see them in my head. This little blog of mine is also getting loads busier – which I don’t mind at all, but I’ve got a month’s worth of invoices and expenses piling up everywhere. With that said, I’ve decided that organisation this month is a must. No more putting things off until tomorrow. I’m making a to-do list every single morning with the must-do’s and the should-do’s in order, as well getting my diary in order of what I’m doing each day. I missed my dentist appointment last week because I hadn’t written it down and now my Dentist will be pissed with me. Hopefully all these lists can keep me on the straight and narrow to making sure everything gets done when it needs to be. I need to stop procrastinating, get off ASOS and get working. I don’t know about you but when I have order and a routine, life just seems to flow a lot better. And there’s no satisfaction like the satisfaction you get from completing your to-do list.

Saying Yes

Obviously December is a sociable month, but I really want to start going out and enjoying myself a little bit more this month instead of getting bogged down with work and blogging. I’ve got quite a few events and things coming up, but I’ve decided to say yes to a lot more this month, instead of being the winter hermit I usually am. I want to see my friends a lot more, and make the most of having some time off over the festive period. Plus, I might meet someone to kiss under the mistletoe, you never know. It also gives me a chance to work through my 31 Things List as there’s quite a few things I could tick off if I ventured out the house more. 

Hostess with the Mostess

This year I’m hosting Boxing Day for my parents. So I’ve decided to cook them a nice three course meal instead of the usual beige pick-at-buffet I usually pull out of the bag. I haven’t decided exactly what to make just yet but I suspect it might be homemade pate and red onion marmalade to start, perhaps a pie and mash for main, or maybe steak, and something delicious for dessert. I love cooking now and really feel like I’m getting better, it’s just a case of working out my timings because cooking for one is a hell of a lot different that cooking for a table full. Wish me luck.

So it’s a pretty easy month this month overall. I have so much going on that I didn’t want to set myself up for something unachievable. I’m obviously going to carry on with my Slimming World, and would ideally like to get another 7lbs off this month taking me to 20lbs off but with all the festive fancies I’ll be eating and drinking it’s going to be a hard task. Here’s to a great month and let me know if you have any goals you want to achieve.

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