I think we all know one of my favourite past times is scrolling through Pinterest and saving snippets of gorgeous interior inspiration. My latest obsession is dark wooden flooring. There’s something very elegant about rich wooden floorboards, especially when teamed with fresh white walls. The contrast between the two works so well, and offers the ideal backdrop for a more Scandinavian, simple interior design.

That’s not to say more dramatic hues on the walls won’t work just as well – take a look at this perfectly styled corner above. On walnut floors, the purple accents in this rug pops out, as does the succulent greenery – plus I love how the white skirting gives a break in the colour scheme.

Although warm, natural wood adds a more masculine feel to a space – especially when teamed with exposed brickwork as seen below – I think if dressed right, with a deep pile sheep skin rug for example, it can look super sleek and sophisticated.

One of my interior loves right now is herringbone flooring – it just looks so modern with engineered wood. Plus it’s a perfect fit for pretty much every room in the house, from a statement entrance, through to a stylish bathroom. Has dark wooden flooring caught your attention as much as it has mine? Is it something you see working in your home right now?

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