For quite a while now I’ve been craving stillness. I’m not sure whether it’s because my annual holiday was so full on, bright lights and loud music in Vegas, or I’m just getting incredibly old before my time, but all I want to do is find a comfy corner somewhere and spend time reading the mountains of magazines and books which are stacking up by the side of my bed.

Which is where creating the perfect reading corner comes in. The anatomy of a reading nook is broken down into five sections. First, the armchair. Obviously, comfort comes first and foremost. From Chesters’ through to mid-century options, I always think an armchair that doesn’t match, yet compliments, your room scheme is ideal. Think tonal colours or prints to keep it in line with the rest of the room.

Then we have lighting. Placing your armchair by a window to allow as much natural light in as possible is a great option but a curved reading lamp is also good to use. Remember to swap the bulb to a specific reading light wattage so you’re not straining your eyes too much.

Make sure all your literature has a home (unlike me who has piles and piles of magazines I keep for inspiration). You could pop up shelves near by to display your very best reads on. I love to use Ikea picture ledge shelves to highlight some of my favourite books – especially those with front covers which just make you want to turn every page. You could also add some art work to make the area as pretty as possible – check out my post here on downloadable artwork for less than £10.

Another thing to remember to add to the comfort of the armchair, is to make sure you have a cushion and blanket near by. OK, so it’s summer here in the UK, but imagine in the winter when it’s cold outside and you’re curled up in your reading nook, hot chocolate in hand and blanket wrapped around you.

Finally, investing in an ottoman is something to consider so you can pop your feet up after a hand days work with your favourite book or glossy mag. The versatility of an ottoman means it also doubles up as a coffee table – just make sure you use a tray so there are no accidental spillages on your gorgeous new piece of furniture. 

I hope this post has inspired you to maybe think about creating your own little reading area and it would be great to know which is your favourite style of decor from the pictures above – I’m still stuck on anything Mid-Century, which I suspect might be the case for quiet a while yet.

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