If you’re anything like me, then the chance to go away and stay in a plush hotel means one thing. Starfishing. There’s nothing better than sinking into a soft, sumptuous Queen size bed, laying your head on the pillow and drifting into a deep slumber. And although your bedroom might not fit a Queen in it (apart from you obviously), you can still create that boutique hotel feel.

Crisp white bedding has to be your starting point. I’m not one to promote wasting your precious time on earth ironing bed sheets but it’s hard to deny how nice it looks when fresh white bed sheets have been put on. High-thread count linens are perfect to create this feel, and a brand like Mitre Linen – who not only supplies some of the best hotels in the UK, but the likes of me and you who want to create that boudoir feel in our own home – offers soft to the touch polycotton sheets and duvets. With over 65 years experience in creating a relaxing hotel atmosphere with its products, it’s no wonder Mitre Linen received a Royal Warrant to cater for Her Royal Majesty the Queen. If it’s right for the Queen, then it’s definitely right for me.

Another area you can change is your bedside table. I have a small tray on mine, with lavender spray to add to my pillow to help me sleep, rich hand cream to put on just before bed and lip balm – not Vaseline, but the posh stuff you spend your Boots advantage points on. Add some faux flowers in a beautiful vase, and a  reading lamp which matches the decor of your room. You don’t need me to tell you soft lighting helps create a more relaxing atmosphere.

If you have the space in your bedroom, it might be nice to create a little seating area, maybe by a window with a side table and small lounge chair. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have that kind of space, but if you do then make the most of it. Made.com have some amazing, space saving chairs for little corners of your room, just in case you didn’t know where to start looking.

Finally, before you hit the hay in your hotel, how nice is it to step inside your hotel bathroom, de-robe and take a nice long steamy shower. Well, you don’t need to have an ensuite to do this at home, but you do need to make your bathroom as tranquil as possible. Scented candles, again faux flowers, a soft white towelling robe and beauty products lined up to make you feel all soft-skinned and glowing are exactly what you need to pretend you’re in a beautiful hotel somewhere in the middle of the countryside.