5 Ways To Achieve An Australian Coastal Home Decor

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Australian coastal home decor
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One thing you’ll be pretty certain of now, if you’ve read my blog for some time, is that Australian coastal is up there with one of my favourite styles of interior design. From the style Queens, Three Birds Renovations, through to the hotel such as The Bower in Byron Bay, there’s something so effortless, relaxed, yet warm and welcoming about this style of coastal home decor.

Today I wanted to share five ways you can achieve a similar Australian coastal style, despite living north of the equator. Starting with the core of the room design; floors and walls.

Flooring & Walls

Let’s face it, when you think of coastal home decor, bold colour hardly springs to mind does it? With Australian coastal, the fresh white we often see is perfect for keeping the space looking open, and bright without the need for harsh overhead lighting. Painting the home in white is also a really simple, and cost-effective way of creating a cohesive interior design through the whole house – and with so many wipe-able and durable paints on the market, it doesn’t need to be so much of a worry for those of us with little hand prints wondering around.

One design aspect which can create a coastal feel, even living hundreds of miles from the sea, is light ash flooring. Lifestyle Flooring UK, a local company to me in Leeds, offer a huge range of vinyl flooring options, including best-selling ranges Amtico and Karndean – at trade prices but directly to the customer for the best possible price.

This Karndean Van Gogh Greige Oak is actually the perfect shade to capture that coastal feel, with warm undertones, sitting confidently next to stark white walls. This vinyl flooring range are large plants that capture the look and finish of real timber with subtle textures and distinctive grain details. Completely waterproof, this makes a great option for kitchens and bathrooms, although if you have an open plan living dining kitchen, laying this in a chevron formation could look incredibly stylish – Australian coastal stylish.

With an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, as well as offering a lifetime guarantee, Lifestyle Flooring UK is certainly worth checking out if you’re looking to create the look of real wood flooring, on a more modest budget. Add your favourite styles to your sample cart to request your free samples to see which sit beautifully in your home.


The beauty of Australian coastal home decor is that you have freedom to invest in signature pieces of furniture that you truly love, whilst retaining a cohesive look with the type of wood/colour you choose.

For example, in the renovation of the this family home, we can see that although nothing matches, from the console table to the dining table and chairs, it all works together in an effortless way with white, clean walls as a backdrop.

Australian coastal home decor
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Time and time again, we’ll see Australian homes featured in interior design magazines that not only look beautiful but are incredibly functional too. This is because furniture used combines both form and function.

Colours meanwhile, are usually neutrals, such as whites and taupes, while woods are white washed oak, ask and in places mango wood. By keeping a similar wash of woods throughout, you can create a consistent vibe throughout the whole house, without appearing too matchy-matchy.

Soft Furnishings

The key to creating a beautiful, relaxed coastal home décor fit for any Australian beachside pad, is to keep your soft furnishings light, airy and natural. Soft billowing drapes in white, look fantastic when paired with shutters, while cushions in 100% cotton and linen can be pilled on deep seated sofas and hanging chairs to create a sumptuous, but tranquil place to sit.

Australian coastal home decor
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Speaking of which, bedding in linen is a great option, especially with a more vintage wash. This bedroom from the Hinterland Hideaway shows how bold bedding can add interest to an otherwise white room, which also proves you don’t have to always stay too close to the lighter scale of the colour palette.

In terms of prints and patterns, there’s still your typical coastal element to consider with stripes playing a major role, although abstract prints as seen above, and chevron pattens, are both more contemporary routes to go down.


The thing I love the most about choosing artwork for an Australian coastal home, is that pretty much anything goes in terms of photography.

While we don’t often see huge pieces of fine art, oversized photographic prints are perfect, with aerial shots of the coastline, old vintage signs, anything shot in California (I’m thinking skating on Venice beach), deserts, palm trees, retro cars, or riviera beach scenes.

Australian coastal home decor
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I’ve chosen a number of pieces that could fit in nicely with this style of coastal design, and as the image above shows, artwork can sit in this most unsuspecting of places.

Dried Flowers & Accessories

Finally, let’s take a look at the various accessories you can use to style in your Australian coastal home decor. Now, I couldn’t talk about Australian interior design without mentioning pampas grass right? It’s only been in the last couple of seasons, but dried grass has really come into its own as a design trend and looks incredible against the light tones of coastal home décor.

Australian coastal home decor
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When you’re searching for accessories that will fit with this style, don’t be afraid to go too contemporary – sculptural designs too fab, just remember to follow the same colour palette throughout.

Curves meanwhile, are a great way to continue the softness of the overall aesthetic, especially if you have straight architectural lines, so look for bowls, curved vases and round rattan trays for a table centre piece which also offers storage – see what I meant earlier about combining form with function?

There you have it, my five top tips on creating an Australian coastal home décor – is this a look you’d translate in your own home? If so, which tip will you be considering first?

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Australian coastal home decor

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