Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas

I’m going to kick this post off with the fact that yes, that is my own personalised wooden Christmas Eve box. Yes, I’m 34, and yes, I love it. 

I remember as a kid, my mum and dad (who am I kidding, it was all mum), would fill a stocking with little presents and we’d get to open it late Christmas Eve.

That tradition slowly stopped as we got older, but as the years passed, stockings were replaced with Christmas Eve boxes – an American tradition that’s made its way over the pond and one that seems to get more and more popular every December.

Although there are often times, especially on social media, when I look at the excessiveness of what children are bought now, I do think a tradition like this can be a really fun, and inexpensive thing to do. 

Our stockings were filled with things like a book, chocolate coins, an orange and new pennies my Nanna saved for us. It wasn’t about spending a shed load of money, on top of what we’d already been bought for Christmas – it was about the tradition of sitting on our beds, and reading our new book whilst eating the chocolate coins or selection box. 

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, I wanted to give you some ideas of various things you could fill a Christmas Eve box with, but first of all, let’s start with the box itself. 

Personalised for free by the team at Studio, you can create bespoke designs to bring out each and every December. Made from solid wood, with a metal clasp fastening and hinges, this large traditionally designed Christmas Eve box is such a gorgeous way to kick-start the festivities. 

I have to be honest and say the personalisation element of has been one of the best elements of working with them over the last year. They offer the chance to add your name and customise so many pieces in their huge selection of homeware, gifts, and fashion, and the fact that it’s free is brilliant. 

I chose to have the cutest glass bauble with a glass angel inside personalised for my Christmas tree, as well as a personalised tin of jelly beans – I’ve had to give these to my godchildren as every day saw me grabbing a bigger and bigger handful of those delicious beans for my mouth, and then my pocket for later. 

Here are some ideas of things to fill your Christmas Eve box with depending on whether you’re creating one for the children, one for your partner, or even one for yourself. Hello, that’s me. 

Kids: Chocolate, Christmas DVD, books, new pyjamas, slippers, colouring book, headphones, stickers, personalised Christmas tree decoration, santa hat, a board game, bath bomb, and miniature stocking filler toys.

Adults: Cosy socks, candle, chocolate, a small bottle of gin or prosecco, board game, book, bubble bath, Christmas morning coffee mug, Santa hat, liquors, Christmas CD, red nail varnish, lipstick, hot water bottle, craft ale, and mince pies. 

Below you’ll find a list of everything I filled my Christmas Eve box with and where you can buy it yourself – in typical Studio fashion, the prices are hard to beat to be honest.

Personalised Christmas Bauble £9.99 | Rose Gold Intempo Cube Bluetooth Earphones £7.99 | Luxury Plain Mule Slippers £3.99 | Personalised 2KG of Jelly Beans Paint Tin £14.99 | Unicorn Cup & Straw £4.99 | Christmas Reindeer Flannel Pyjamas £9.99 | Chocolate Brussel Sprouts £4.99 | Hello Neon Luxury Desk Planner £7.00

*Post in partnership with as part of my ongoing brand ambassadorship.

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  1. 11.17.18
    Jennie said:

    I love this idea! I really want a wooden box for myself now 🙂

  2. 11.18.18
    Caroline said:

    Victoria. You are never to old for a Christmas Eve box! Or anything fun to that matter.
    I LOVE Christmas and it’s mostly down to my mum and her ways, so I’m definitely passing this onto my boys. 🙂
    I used to have a stocking and still do this for the boy(s), but I’ve also introduced Christmas Eve boxes. Which Elf On The Shelf and Santa get the credit
    Love the personalisation of the lid of your box and the text on the bauble is lovely. 🙂